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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 4 | February 4, 2007|


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Some Good Pieces Of Advice!

I always wondered whether my grandfather Kazi Anwarul Islam would ever realize the fact that I am now a grown up person and fall in the age group of adults. To my surprise, one evening, while I went to visit him, our conversation took a serious turn as we started talking about the job market scenario in Bangladesh. We began to talk about serious staff like marketing, academics, job market and religion. I initiated the conversation by giving a brief definition of Marketing, as I studied in university but he interrupted, “Don't be so technical. Only an expert can understand your definition, but not a layman like me.” He went on to explain the importance of gaining knowledge from his own experience.

As our conversation went on he further explained how 'adjustments in the working environment' changes one's experience. He said, “You are having education from a reputable university but it doesn't guarantee you a good job. It is important to have knowledge on a broader perspective. You should always be open to acquire more knowledge.” Saying this he highlighted some of his own real life experiences. “Job will not come to you, it's you who'll have to go after it”. He then said, “Bujhle nanu bhai, the world is getting smaller and highly competitive. You'll have to prepare for the battle of real life right from now.” While emphasising the role of family in one's life he said, “Family is the institution where managerial education starts. And always remember a good mother is the best manager. So if you want to be an expert in the managerial field you should participate in your household works.”

May be these suggestions are given by all in a casual manner but the way Nanu explained this it sounded quite unique. I never had a chance before to have such fruitful discussion with my grandfather. I wanted know more about him and asked, “Nanubhai, how did you start your life?”

Again with a grandfatherly laughter he summed up his long life into a short story.

And I came to know that he started his professional life as a Headmaster in a school in Jessore. Then he joined as a labour officer in Crescent Jute mill and left it as a manager; then he joined Bangladesh Tobacco Company (currently British American Tobacco Bangladesh) as Manager in the HR department and after serving for 20 long years he retired as a HR director. But his growing age couldn't keep him confined within his rooms. He joined OTOBI as a Consultant and currently at the age of 73 he is serving as an Advisor to the Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital.

After dinner he called all of us and said, “Nanubhai, I'm running 73, I won't be here to give you advice forever and you might regret one day 'if nanu were here I could have asked him.' So, I just want to tell you some basic facts about life and religion. You should know what you are reading, what you are telling Allah through your prayers. So, know the meanings while going through the holy Qur'an. It is a complete life guide. It'll help you in different ways if you can understand the proper meaning.”

He also emphasised the importance of good manner and good behavior with parents and other people. It's not really that he only has shared his experiences with me or his other grand children. In fact, he has shared his experiences and thoughts through his book 'Human Resource Practices in Bangladesh' and also in his upcoming book on managerial mistakes. Through Campus I wanted to share this very precious experience with all the readers.

Touch of our heart…at KUET


On 14th December, the Martyred Intellectuals Day, the audience inside the KUET auditorium was loudly appreciative of the birth of KUET Drama Society. They also applauded loudly as their first drama named JONONI-BIRANGONA by famous dramatist Mannan Hira was presented. Special thanks to the director of the drama Sabuj, Sharli, Jerin and other performers who worked so hard to make it happen. We are also thankful to Kabit bhai who always inspired everyone at the rehearsal and during the show. KUET Drama Society plans to step ahead with more plays and also planning to launch a big event a Drama Festival in the upcoming months. Until then, best wishes for Kuet Drama society.

(Dept-EEE, 04 batch)


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