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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 4 | February 4, 2007|


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"The Varsity Rush"

Shoaib M. Siddiqui

My head ached, my palms sweated and my heart was thumping. Is it possible to finish this thing in only 120 minutes? That was what one of my friends had to say right after the IBA admission test. Among a wide range of human expressions on show at the IBA premises after the admission test, my friend's was the most common. Nevertheless, countless numbers of students still desire to get enrolled in this institution. Their hearts are always whispering, if only I could get into IBA, if only…

Students all over the country have a soft corner not only for IBA but also for many other institutions. Everyone wants a place of honor, the assurance of a good job and above all else, a better life. That's why our high school graduates, occupied with discovering all the colors of life in school, suddenly find themselves in a perpetual relationship with books! I personally found that this is the only time when teen-agers devote more time to study than gossip about brand new cars, booming sound systems or oozy meals at new fast food outlets. The scenario is the same every year. This year is not different either, because it is the time which determines the direction of life from that moment on.

The varsity rush usually starts as soon as HSC examination finishes. Coaching centers offer attractive discounts and packages like "Ekta course korley pachta free" (do one course and you will be offered five courses for free) and so on. Young people also sketch the portraits of oh-so-rocking university life. Most of them prefer BUET, Medical College, IBA or DU. Private universities like BRAC, NSU and IUB are also making themselves count nowadays. When our fathers got enrolled into universities, there were hardly any admission tests. But alas! Gone are the days. Now we have to prove ourselves, and the process of proving ourselves is often like a war in which we have to fight to ensure even the iota of a chance in those prestigious universities. Terrifying but true.

This year, the war started with medical college admission tests. Aspiring doctors read their hearts out and appeared for the test. The result was also published in due time but some really meritorious students did not succeed. There was a huge roar that the question was leaked before examination. Many substandard and less meritorious students managed to get in as they had managed to get the questions from coaching centers or simply from Nilkhet for about 1500 bucks! "Khati Bangali Style", huh? Consequently, the students who failed to get in started protests in the form of human chains. They also appealed to the court to ban the result and reschedule the exam. The high court also realized the matter and stopped the result for six weeks. The funniest part was when the students who were alleged of getting the question before examinations, also started agitation claiming their right of admission in medical colleges as early as possible.

Then comes BUET. The neo-Einsteins with their big glasses were seen consulting about obscure theories. BUET took its test under a very strict routine. After a postponement and rescheduling, IBA came into view on 1st December 2006 and instantly tantalized the admission seekers with their innovative and new form of questions. IBA again proved that the brand "predictably unpredictable" goes really well with them. The competition is always tough here.

And finally, DU! They did it in their own style. First they scheduled their admission test on December 1st 2006 and then, hurled down by immense political pressure they were compelled to postpone and reschedule it. Those who were working die-hard for a seat in DU had to wait even longer. On the other side of the coin, these students would get more time to prepare themselves.

And the journey goes on… different styles, different passions. In our country almost every student has to appear at admission to reserve a place in a renowned university. This is a test of nerves, a battle of minds and a show of confidence. You have to press hard and never give up to overcome this important hurdle of life. It will bring you to a position of honor and open a new door of possibilities, hopes and fun: the university life. So hat's off to those who have successfully reached their desired destinations and best of luck to those who are yet to appear in the line of fire.

BBA,15th Batch
Institute of Business Administration(IBA)
University of Dhaka


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