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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 7 | February 25 ,2007|


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Nazia Ahmed

Over the last few months, all of you must have seen the regular updates on Project D-youth and how the teams put their heads together in the pages of Star Campus. All of these challenges were at once innovative and community-service oriented. These allowed the participants exercise their planning, management and strategic thinking skills and at the same time contribute something to the world around them. Till now, we have only been focusing on the participants, their plan of action and the results they obtained. This week, we get up close and personal with the judges- Rafaan Seraj (Project Bangladesh) and Sazidul Islam(D-juice) finding out their thoughts, expectations and reaction about the stage project D-Youth has reached and where they plan to take it next.

SC. What were the reasons behind selecting these challenges?

P.B/ D-juice: We started this competition with the theme of community service and eventually introduced the concepts of business and management. Each challenge was supposed to build a sense of creativity, strategy formation, marketing skills, selling and planning; in a nutshell create a well-rounded individual who will have the chance to experience Bangladesh.

SC. Is there any particular challenge that stands out in this whole contest?

P.B: I would say the Bottomely orphanage challenge was the most exciting one, not only because of the activities they had to perform but also because of the fact that this would benefit the children and make a big difference in their lives.

D-juice: the most exciting one would be the ASF challenge as it was the main focus of the contest to begin with. The teams not only collected over Taka 3 lakhs, they also came up with really interesting business plans and carried them out throughout the whole country.

SC. While standing on the judging panel, did you disagree with each other at any level?

P.B: Not at all. With our concept of community service, we thought going for a partnership with D-juice would be a really good idea since they have already established themselves in the market. There is also the fact that they represent the youth of the country; we would be an ideal blend.

D-Juice: We started formulating the challenges six months ahead of the launch and made a lot of changes. Of course there were arguments but at the end of the day, we always managed to reach consensus and stood side by side in this project.

SC. What are your opinions about the teams or the team members?

P.B/ D-juice: All of them had a vision to win. They were really hard working and determined, and the screening process involving 773 teams made it easier for us to be sure how good the 20 teams were. But we both agree on one thing; Raasikh from Laal was an extraordinary kid and had the potential to compete against all the others, who were a lot older than he is. We have to say, the way he thinks, his energy, his dedication for a 13 year old were in a class of its own. We wish him all the best for his future.

SC. What is your future plan for Project D-youth?

D-juice: We are looking forward to keeping this partnership and go round the globe with this. We are also going for bigger media coverage, something like a T.V series. Project d-youth is all about providing a platform for the youth and bringing out their very best. We want to become a hub for the youth of this country for developing their future in the light of CSR and other aspects.

P.B: We all know Dr. Yunus emphasizes on the concept of social business. Project D-youth is an ideal example of such a concept. It taught them the concept in this tender age so that they can use it for their future and contribute something to this country. In the end I would like to thank my co-workers from P.B, Navine, Salman, Nicole and Shayaan without whom this project wouldn't have been so successful. We are coming up with new designs for the “Amra Bangladesh” wristbands. We hope to keep up this concept of charity through our activities and make a difference.


Team Members: Sagar Sen, Sabiha Jahan, Mohammad Asad-Uz-Zaman, Shateel Bin Salah, Imrul Karim

S.C: How was your team name selected?

Sobyoshachi- 'Sobyoshachi' means a person who can perform equally well with both hands. As business school students, we are to perform equally well in both business and community service.

S.C: How did you select the members?

Sobyoshachi: The members were selected with the intention of coming together as a complete team. Leaders, workers, finishers, thinkers and all other necessary components of a team were considered, and with the five of us all these aspects were present in the team.

S.C: What was the most fun challenge you faced so far?

Sobyoshachi: The fun and also the best challenge was where we had to decorate a room in the Bottomly homes orphanage.

S.C: Which one would you think was the most difficult challenge of all?

Sobyoshachi: The most difficult challenge was the one that involved selling in the transcom showroom. We were assigned the most remote branch but we actually managed to make a record sale for that branch.

S.C: How did this affect your academics both in good and bad ways?

Sobyoshachi: All good. Actually our teachers and all the members of IBA, even the gatekeeper, supported us so much that the entire journey of project d-youth was an exciting one.

S.C: Tell us something about your group.

Sobyoshachi: In our opinion we are a group full of dreams and determination. We believe that there is nothing wrong with building castles in the air, but first we need to build a strong base for it. We are
determined to make our dreams come true.

S.C: What are your suggestions for project Dyouth?

Sobyoshachi: Our only request and suggestion to project d youth is that "please keep this contest rolling and give the opportunity to the youths of Bangladesh to show that they can do a lot for the country if given the chance to contribute something.”


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