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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 9 | March 11,2007|


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Bangla Calligraphy: Art with the Letters

Taslima Rawshan

Calligraphy means “Beautiful writing”. This is basically a fine art of skilled penmanship. Bangla calligraphy has traditionally been the work of scribes writing down manuscripts, legal documents and religious texts.

NHTTI: Excellence in Hospitality Education

Mohammad Shahidul Islam

National Hotel and Tourism Training Institute-NHTTI is the number one institute in Hospitality Education in Bangladesh.

Stephen Hawking to Take Zero Gravity Flight

Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who authored the best-selling book, “A Brief History of Time,'' soon will experience a brief history with weightlessness..

Evening of melodies

Saushan Rahman

It was an ordinary Friday. The setting sun had left patches of red in the sky. But this ordinary evening became beautiful and the event that made it so special was a musical evening.

Laugh with Ignorance

Shayera Moula

No seriously, there you were assuming that all the high school tittle-tattle and immature critique from others were finally going to come to an end.

Of ants and men

Tawsif Saleheen

(The following article is a work of fiction, and carries no resemblance whatsoever to any particular person or people, especially politicians.)

Creative writing at Presidency University

Kazi Sarmad Karim

At a young age I found that I had a certain skill in writing when my poem was selected for publication in the school yearbook.

A day away from the mundane - NSUSSC Organises picnic

Tajruba Dilshad

What happens when you have a mixture of mild winter, a cheerful sun, relaxed teachers and a whole university full of activity-starved students?

An educational institute with a difference

Sajid Huq

The city of masjids is on its way to becoming the Boston of South Asia, the city of Bishyabidyalays. A Indian journalist friend of mine on his return from an assignment in Bangladesh was remarking on the strangeness that is the private university phenomenon in Dhaka.

Check your socks before blaming others

Sajeda Tamanna Hussain

I have been brought up as a member of the upper middle class of the Third World. This class has always been outstandingly conscious about being able to pass on some of its distinct characteristics to the next generations.

University 'adda'- at stake?

Md Raisul Kabir Apurba

On a lazy afternoon, we were walking down a dusty road in front of Mumtazuddin Arts Building of Rajshahi University Campus.

Nell Freudenberger
Writing through impressions

By Afrina Choudhury

It's not that easy for everyone to become a writer considering Nell Freudenberger's credentials. She has it all, from a bachelors degree from Harvard to a Masters degree in fiction writing from New York University and even experience from working at the New Yorker magazine.

Five successful years
Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia at Dhaka

Victoria University (VU) (www.vu.edu.au) is recognized as one of Australia's most progressive universities, offering its students a unique combination of academic and practical skills to enhance their career opportunities.

Perdana College: Choice for Overseas Education

Farzana Anwar, Omar-Bin-Abdal-Aziz, Layla Sharmin Rashid, and Mohammad Sohail Ismail, came from different educational backgrounds.

3rd BDC Pre-World Debating Competitions 07

Muhammad Shafaq Hussain

For the very first time, The Red Brick School at Uttara arranged the biggest inter private English medium school English debate tournament from March 1st to 3rd, 2007.


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