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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 9 | March 11,2007|


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A day away from the mundane -NSUSSC Organises picnic

Tajruba Dilshad

What happens when you have a mixture of mild winter, a cheerful sun, relaxed teachers and a whole university full of activity-starved students? Sprinkled with the jest of a club of enthusiastic members, just knocked by Spring - the North South University Social Services Club Annual Picnic. The December blockades had left only one impact on the NSUSSC -- that of the necessity of immediate action. In true SSC style our focus was on serving the interests of our fellow students. Thus, on the 17th of February sixteen (16) busloads taking more than eight hundred (800) NSU students set-off for a day away from the monotony of assignments. Within a week's initiation of the plans, we were already tackling the imminent task of making everyone happy (besides keeping our President from tearing out his hair).

We set off boldly armed with snacks, clipboards of names and genuinely ecstatic students on a familiar journey to wards a different destination. In view of popular demand of a larger and greener venue we chose Jamuna Resort for our picnic spot, by the Eastern banks of the river Jamuna with a picturesque view of the famous Jamuna Bridge. It is perhaps only in the capacity of the Jamuna Bridge to make otherwise overloaded trucks appear charming. The sprawling ground with its abundance of fresh grass and green and lofty trees with new leaves was the perfect environment to soothe and enliven the over-burdened minds of the young city dwellers. Perhaps even nature thought we deserved a break and gifted us with a mild breeze all day long. It was not only students who took a break from the hectic schedules of urban life. Some eager faculties accompanied us, our faculty advisor Mr. Junaid Khan being the most jovial of them all gave us a sense of security with his avid interest and guidance.

Gracing the occasion was the presence of the Chairman of the NSU Foundation, Mr. Benazir Ahmed as our Chief Guest accompanied by his delightful wife. Our Pro-VC Dr. SAM Khairul Bashar, Mr. Hanif Zakaria, Area Manager of Bangladesh, Emirates and Ms. Bashar took time out to honour the event as Special Guests for the day. Other guests encouraging our endeavours included Ms. Shaheda Muid, Executive Secretary and Faria Islam, Customer Services Officer of Emirates International.

No matter how pleasant a setting, NSU students cannot be content sitting around and the events held during the day proved just that. While the boys began in full swing with vigorous football matches that lasted till the concert, the girls were not to be left behind with their badminton tournament.

Despite the talent and determination displayed by the various teams, the winners stood out as Team YES (football), led by Jhalak. While more lighthearted games of pillow passing and gift passing interspersed, some others went on with old school favourites of cricket and volleyball.

The surprises did not end here. The real treat began with the raffle draws, with more than ten lucky winners leaving for home loaded with generous gifts sponsored by Unilever and two others winning a buffet coupon at Emmanuelle's (lunch and dinner) and Sajna (lunch), sponsored by the respective restaurants. Two other lucky young men won a brand new Phillips 743 Mp3 Mobile each, sponsored by Transcom Electronics and the coveted first prize of the Dhaka-Dubai-Dhaka ticket, sponsored by Emirates, went to the luckiest lady of them all, Ms. Quazi Bushra Ahmed. We would like to thank Mrs. Benazir Ahmed, Ms. Bashar and Ms. Faria Islam for being such sportive participants in drawing the winning tickets. As a send off to the day, NSUSSC arranged a little concert with the surprise band of the event, Black, performing some of their more popular numbers. After that Shumon came on the stage. Finally the day ended and we began our journey back home at six leaving behind a nearly obscure sunset while taking back with us some fond memories. We would like to thank our sponsors, faculties, guests, members, volunteers and most of all the NSU students for the spirit of support and friendship they have shown in making the event a triumphant effort.


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