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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 13 | April 8, 2007|


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Khulna University Convocation held in a festive mood

Md. Abdullah Al Sazzad

There are some very special events in student life that are eagerly awaited and are fondly recalled as the highest point in one's academic career. One such event for any university student is the Convocation.

Moheshwarchanda: The Helaluddin Story

Rubaiya Ahmad

Ever since my graduation, I had been nurturing the idea of returning to Bangladesh. Soon that dream took a backseat to a routine of a 9-5 job and lazy weekends. I finally returned home last year after a decade-long trip to the US.

The liberty to act - truly independent

Shayera Moula

Perhaps impiety itself varies from location to location. For instance, a female smoker in Gulshan would not be as grotesquely judged anymore as one standing near the outskirts of Rampura.

Why Bangla is neglected in private universities?

Khalilur Rahman

There are so many departments and programs in the private universities of Bangladesh, but the million-dollar question is:

A Journey to Discover…
Moot Court in Kathmundu

Umme Wara Mishu

Mooting was always a very scary thing to me before this. I was very tense and forgot to enjoy anything during this Nepal trip, even the fact that this was my first plane journey!

Violet smoke
Live at east west

Smoke filled the empty stage as the audience impatiently awaited the beginning of the show. It was Violet Smoke's debut public performance, and the audience could wait no longer!

Just a Small Reflection

Sajeda Tamanna Hussain

As I sit back and take a stroll down memory lane, the oldest memory that I have of myself is that of a little girl standing in front of a bathroom mirror.

Modern Technology Reveals Baby Mummy's Past

By Cheryl Wittenauer
Associated Press

The baby mummy had a European mom, and likely came from a wealthy family. But where he lived and why he died and at such a young age remain a mystery.

Six Year Olds

Yamin Tauseef Jahangir

I looked at the dark eyes. They were so intense, yet subdued at the same time. The childlike innocence in them told so many stories, and I could not flicker my eyes away from her.

Campus Ablaze

Nazia Ahmed

The roads shimmer with the waves of heat rising off the steaming asphalt. The sky is a leaden vault, the air feels like boiling oil, and the sun shoots death rays at anyone brave enough to venture outside.

The spirit of March

Rezaur Rahman

What do we usually do on days like 21st February, 25th march, 26th march or 16th December?


With the aid of technology, we see the footprints of revolution everywhere. The extent of technology can't be figured out, but the achievement so far has been outstanding and worthwhile.


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