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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 15 | April 22 , 2007|


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Blinded By The Light

Wrishi Thakur Raphael

Dr Khan was looking for a male volunteer to step up for the task. No one moved an inch. Sabuj could barely grasp the gist of proceedings before our guide- a stout firm veteran in her fifties exclaimed 'Yes you! Come here!'

Guidance Note Series-1
Developing communication skills

Amitava Basu

Good communication skills can advance your career and personal life to levels you never thought possible. If you feel your communication skills need to be developed but have fear about developing these skills, remove the misapprehension.

Pahela Baishakh Celebrated with a bang

Nazia Ahmed

The spell of breezes and rain gave way to the heat and dust that is practically a signature for the first day of the Bengali New Year.

How IUBians celebrated Pahela Baisakh

Tanvir Ahmed Haroon

New year is a festival in every culture, although we mostly celebrate the 1st of January as the New Year.

Boishakhi Fair for the first time at
Business Studies Faculty of DU for a noble cause

Sylvia Sultana

Pohela Boishakh, the first day of the Bengali New Year, not only celebrates a new beginning, but also inspires everyone to wipe out the mistakes of the previous year and come up with a fresh start with better aspirations.

Boishakhi Fashion Fair At Radiant Institution of Design

Efadul Huq

“It is a moment of pride for us,” says Gulshan Nasrin Chowdhury, Chairperson of Radiant Institution of Design, referring to the “Boishakhi Fashion Fair” which took place in the Institution compound in Orchid Plaza, Dhanmondi from 12th to 14th April.

Pahela Baishakh at IBA

Shoaib M. Siddiqui

Pahela Baishakh is not just a day to mark the beginning of Bangla New Year. Rather, it carries a lot of emotion. It is the most celebrated festival of our country, treated as a festival of the soul.

DU campus on the day of Pahela Baisakh, 1414

Taslima Rawshan Tinni

Pahela Baisakh is a special occasion for each and every Bengali. The day is observed by the whole nation. With the song "Esho he baishakh ", the Bangalees welcome Pahela Baisakh or "Noboborsho" (the Bengali New Year).

Pahela Baisakh at CUET

Mahadi Hasan

Pahela Baisakh festival was something unknown a few years ago in Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology (CUET) campus.

Pahela Baishakh - A sad story

G. Sumdany Don

Pahela Baishakh was a day full of laughter and joy, glee and felicity. I was having a good time with my friends at the lake of Dhanmondi Mukto-Moncho, watching a happy and pleasant crowd.

“Pathway to career development”

Md. Imtiaz Osman Talukder

The Department of Business Administration (DBA), Jahangirnagar University, the pioneer business school in introducing the 4-year BBA program in Bangladesh organized a daylong seminar entitled “PATHWAY TO CAREER DEVELOPMENT” at Jahangirnagar University Central Auditorium on 07 April 2007.

Tips on Developing Communicative Competence in English

Mohammad Shafiqul Islam

Communication is transferring information, ideas and emotions between individuals, groups or both. It is the exchange of information, news, ideas, etc. with somebody, and making one's ideas, feelings, and thoughts known to others, in the hope that they can be understood and identified with.

Knowledge Makes Learning Easier

Sara Goudarzi

We learn better when the material meshes with what we already know, according to a new study of rats that researchers say could help explain human learning.

Foreign educational counseling

Tarek Mollah

If there is one other business in bangladesh after telecommunication that is thriving, i am sure all will agree that it's foreign educational counseling.


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