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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 20 | May 27, 2007|


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Debate goes to Kushtia
A razzmatazz of creative discourse

Feeda Hasan Shahed

The country's south-west city of Kushtia witnessed a two-day festivity of debate organized by the National Debate Federation Bangladesh. Sponsored by BRB Cables Industries Ltd. and ably assisted by Kushtia Zilla School, the festival drew an enthusiastic participation of more than 80 schools, colleges, medical colleges and public-private universities and debate-organizations. And with the attendance of eminent personalities from various sectors, the festival took a glamorous outfit.

Apart from the debates, other programmes also went on side by side during these two days that included free rendezvous, workshop, stage debate (in two different models), a cultural programme and film exhibition.

A K M Shoaib, chairman of NDF-BD, rightly mentioned that this festival was a congregation of free thinking moderate people who want to shed off all stagnancy of thoughts and become modern global human beings. He further narrated how NDF-BD members had been relentlessly giving their all-out labor in making this festival successful. It was no easy job as anyone present there would admit.

Rasedul Islam Pallab, co-chairman of NDF-BD, is one of the persons who undertook maximum toil behind the scenes. It was really wonderful to see how he ran after all the nitty-gritty of event management and even conducted the preparatory workshop session. Mr. Pallab narrated how his love and passion for debate since his childhood made him work like this. 'Without dedication, you cannot expect to become a debater at any stage,' he said, 'love it and then practise it.'

And due to the efforts of so many diehard NDF-BD members, the "Third National NDF-BRB Cables Debate Festival-07" in Kushtia flourished to its expected mark. On 18th May, Friday, the ceremony was inaugurated at Kushtia Zila School by Pro-vice-chancellor of Dhaka University Prof AFM Yusuf Haider who hoisted the national flag.

Prior to this, a colourful procession was brought out by NDF members and participants that paraded different roads of the town. The debate ground that was open for all around noon marked the non-stop presence of a vast number of people.

Prof Haider in his speech mentioned that it is the present generation that would lead this country in future. And so, irrespective of class and position, everyone must work for a healthy social environment where children could build themselves as per the dreams of the country. And the only way to build up that environment is to nourish refined knowledge that can be gained through debates.

The striking part of that programme was the award of a crest to Prof. Haider by NDF-BD. His outstanding lifetime contribution to the practice and movement of debate in the country was acknowledged in a rightful manner and no other occasion would have been so perfect like this one.

Among others who were present on that day were the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Kushtia Nurul Islam, Chairman of Biswas Group Mainuddin Biswas Babu, Managing Director of Ambition Pass Consultant Enamul Haq and Headmaster of Kushtia Zila School Nibha Rani Pathak.

The audience enjoyed three debates on the first day: 'Only the next generation can build a prosperous Bangladesh', 'There is nobody but you everywhere' and 'Teachers are more romantic than the students'. Needless to say, all were equally enchanting and enriching. It was really thrilling to watch how youngsters battled with ideas and words.

Besides these, there were exhibition debates in NDF format, regional format and international format, free adda, film show, and a thrilling camp fire. But the workshop that was conducted was definitely the most enriching part of the day.

The second and the final day, i.e. Saturday witnessed an exhibition debate in English, public speaking contest, fun debate, 'meet the talent' and so on, and needless to say, these captivated the audience. In the final session, Editor of Bangladesh Observer Iqbal Sobhan Choudhury attended as Chief Guest and the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Rajshahi University Prof Mamunul Keramat was the Special Guest.

Besides, a number of dignitaries from the world of media and education enriched the sessions with their active participation. The cultural show in the end was a spectacular treat for all where today's heart-throb S. I. Tutul enthralled all with his superb performance.

BRB Cables sponsored a grand dinner for all participants and guests at night to mark the successful end of this razzmatazz.

It should be mentioned that prior to this festival, NDF-BD successfully organized mega events like First National Hill Debate Festival in Rangamati (2005), First Chandpur National Debate Workshop and Festival (2006), First Bangladesh Agriculture University Debate Workshop (2006), First NDF-BD Inter-University and Medical College Debate Championship (2006), First NDF-BD Women Debate Workshop (2007) etc. It is evident from these activities why NDF-BD has been a prime organization in fostering the debate culture in this country. While extending out sincere support to NDF-BD's great effort, we also congratulate the tens of thousands debate-practising young people all over the country because they are the ones who would soon build the much-desired enlightened, spirited and non-partisan Bangladeshi society.


Please note that in our previous issue, the writer's name of the cover story DORMITORY: Home Away From Home was accidentally missing. Our Star Campus team member Feeda Hasan Shahed wrote it. We regret the oversight.



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