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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 20 | May 27, 2007|


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A day of endless fun at CU English Department

Omar Gias

8th May was a day of colorful and funny activities in and around the English Department of Chittagong University.

Agents of Change:
A university student rides for microcredit !

Shamma M. Raghib

AIESEC creates change agents... and Shawn Smith is no exception! Shawn Smith, a 26-year-old Canadian, an ex- AIESECer, graduated with a business degree from Simon Fraiser University last year.

A unique research work by RMMRU of Dhaka University

Sayeda Akther

Our 'never-up-to-par' public universities lack resources, both in their curriculum and in regard of finance. As a consequence, research programs, their presentation and publications are somewhat non-existent here.

Learning French in Alliance Francaise

Marzia Rahman

Sometimes in our monotonous life we come across someone or something, which brings fresh breeze into our life.

The Broken Dream

Tasmia Ekram Tushi

I remember those days when I was in class nine in Viqarunnisa Noon School. At that time we formed a group of friends named” Seven Suns"(we still have it).

East West University
“Village Development Program”

Kamrul Huda Talukdar

We dream of a Bangladesh without hunger and poverty, where people would be self-reliant. Poverty-stricken people can hardly contribute towards the welfare of a nation.

Reflections on English

Rifat Munim Dip

Have you ever talked to anyone studying English Literature or someone from an English medium school? And then let us talk to someone intending or studying Bangla Literature, or preferring Bangla medium.

Adieu Rokeya Hall

Farzana Mannan

All good things come to an end some day so did my hall life. Time to say adieu to Rokeya Hall. My exams are over and I have to vacate my room for someone new.

Passing Out Parade of MEA

Cadet Imtiaz

Marine Fisheries Academy (MFA) is a renowned Academy among the five academies in Bangladesh.

TIB-CUDS Debate Competition 2007

M A Samad Hemal

It was a moment of truth, a moment of joy. It added another laurel in the history of Chittagong University. For weeks before the program it was a buzzing word and talk of the university.

Seminar at Geology Department organized by AAPG student chapter

Md. Baharul Alam Biswas

A seminar on “Presentation by MS (2002) students on their thesis” was held at the auditorium of Geology Department, University of Dhaka on 10th may, 2007.

Training, skill & experience


The expression 'practice makes perfect' in the current competitive professional world has turned to 'training, skills and experience makes perfect'.

D Rockstars
the hunt for a rock band

Nazia Ahmed

The hunt for the ultimate rock band; the D-rockstar has finally hit Dhaka! With a whooping 373 number of registered bands in the city, the judges had to look for an alternative to go through with the audition round, as it would have been impossible to audition all of them at once.


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