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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 20 | May 27, 2007|


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The Broken Dream

Tasmia Ekram Tushi

I remember those days when I was in class nine in Viqarunnisa Noon School. At that time we formed a group of friends named” Seven Suns"(we still have it). Moonmoon, Alifa, Peony, Tasnuva, Riddhi, Meghla and me Tushi are the members of the group.

In our school there is a system that all the students from class eight to class ten are divided into four houses and there are four house captains who lead the houses. Let me inform you that in VNS house captains hold much power, in fact they are considered more dangerous than the teachers by the fellow students (as the house captains hold the authority to control the strict discipline among the 'Viqis'). However, when we were at VNS, we had two house captains in our group. Alifa and myself were the house captains in our session. At that time, we had maintained our school's discipline in a strict way. Juniors used to obey us a lot! But we used to break the laws ourselves! I remember stealing mangoes from school trees, eating teacher's tiffin, bunking classes in the name of monitoring the juniors. Alifa and I used to protect our group from the teachers.

In this way we used to rule over the students of our school. In 2004 we sat for our SSC exam and to my utter surprise each of us managed to get GPA 5 without studying a bit! Moreover, Alifa, Moonmoon and managed to get golden 5 (which means getting 80 or above in each and every subject out of 100)! After a superb three-month long vacation, we started our college life in VNC at the middle end of 2004. From the very first day of our college we took the decision that never ever in our life we will drift apart. We decided that we will study in the same university and if any of us fail to get chance in that university then we all will get into any government university college (where getting admission is quite easy). But, while in college our beloved friend Tasnuva flew off to Canada. However, without Tasnu and with loads of studies we somehow passed our HSC exam. I remember at that time we again dared to sit for the exam without having a strong preparation. In the exam days, we used to gather in front of the college gate, hug each other and enter the campus with a relaxed but determined mood. Throughout the exam our motto was-"whether you know the answers of the questions or not, answer all of them". Finally the exam finished and we went on a trip to Chittagong and Rangamati and enjoyed a lot. Then, again the result published and all of us except one achieved GPA 5. That was a real shock for us (though we were happy, we could not control our emotion). When the transcript was published, we got another shock because only I got golden 5 whereas there were more students in our group, who had the potential to score high. However, we then started the preparation to win the big battle - the university admission test. Mentors, Primet, Omeca - we tried all the coaching centres. Three days a week we used to go to the coaching classes. At Primet we admitted ourselves in the section, where we used to sit together and thus we became famous to students as well as to teachers! Looking at us, many people said, "thako ar je koidin ekshathe thakte paro,er pore koi jabe friendship shob dekhbone (Let's see how long you can be together like this.) But this type of comments could never bother us, because we used to think that even if we get chance in any medical college we would never hesitate to go there. We just wanted to stay together.

However, as it is not always so easy to get what you want, one day we found that we were gong our individual ways! We got scattered in different places. Alifa and Riddhi in DU (Department of Zoology and IER). Moonmoon, Peony and I in NSU and Meghla in AIUB. Although it sounds that we are apparently staying together but trust me, we rarely get the chance to see one another (because of difficulties in time scheduling). Moreover, I can see many changes in my friends and even in myself. So those unwanted people in our lives, events, moments broke our heart into pieces. All of us started our own lonely walk on different paths of life. Some of us got new friends and some of us tried to survive with the memories of our past. Although our hearts are broken, I know as I am missing my buddies, anywhere, anyhow they are missing me too. I just want them to know, "I love you guys...missing you like anything!"

2nd semester, School of Business
North South University.


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