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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 20 | May 27, 2007|


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Training, skill & experience


The expression 'practice makes perfect' in the current competitive professional world has turned to 'training, skills and experience makes perfect'. Acting on this particular detail, fresh graduates and under-graduate students are seeking the aid of organizations specializing in human resources training. One such organization is Horizon International Institute of Training (HIIT) which specializes in Human resource training, placement and consultancy. HIIT recently conducted a training session for second semester students of BRAC University that was organized in collaboration with the English Language Program (EL-Pro) of the university.

Around 88 second semester students participated in the daylong training session at the BRAC Centre for Development Management (BCDM) at Savar on March 17, 2007.

“The training session was a part of the residential semester that all BRAC university students have to take in order to enhance academic and individual development,” said Dominic Bennett, Senior Manager, HIIT and a trainer during the session. He informed that the university authorities desired HIIT's professional management team to provide their students with a taste of corporate workplace environment and requirements.

Yassir Husain, Chief Operating Officer (COO), HIIT, who also trained during the session, said, “This professional grooming and skill development package will enable the students to get a first hand knowledge and experience of how 'Power Etiquette and Dressing' make a difference in an individual's success path. He also demonstrated and provided tools to students through which they can observe and correct their behavior and etiquette. These skills and tools will enable these students to 'Walk the Talk' and therefore stand out as exceptionally well prepared and well groomed individuals in the society.”

Sabrina Nasser Liya, a student who participated in the session said, “Earlier, I deemed job interviews as examinations for which one has to study. But after the session, I understood that preparation for a job interview includes grooming, mental preparation through confidence and other necessary details.”

“Opportunities come suddenly and if we are unprepared, we will never be able to take advantage of them,” said Naila Chowdhury, Chairman and Chief Executive officer, HIIT. She further explained that training and grooming prepares the students to preempt employment and individual development opportunities.

“Analogically, if fresh graduates are the free energetic river water flowing aimlessly, then HIIT is the river-bank that will show them the direction to the bigger opportunity sources,” she said.

Horizon International Institute of Training (HIIT), a USA Bangladesh joint venture, embarked on a noble mission to train and develop individuals with professional skills and grooming, bring visible changes in corporate social responsibility and increase local expertise for technical training in the wireless and technical sector. The organization is resourced with a management team from experienced multinational backgrounds with internationally acclaimed credentials and over 20 years of cumulative experience, international standard training programs and state of the art training institute.

HIIT currently provides job placement services, human resource consultancy, policy, corporate governance, performance evaluation method, local and international BPO, call centre management, corporate trainings in leadership & management & career counseling including aptitude assessment & skill set analysis. Despite its recent initiation, HIIT already has an impressive client base which include brands like Aktel, Aramex, BRAC Bank, BRAC University, Bright Star Corporation, BanglaLink, CityCell, DHL, Expo Lanka, Grameen Telecom, Igloo, Paxar, Texas group and others. The organization also has service partners in India, Canada, USA and Dubai.


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