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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 24 | June 24, 2007|


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Nazia Ahmed

This Week at the D Rockstar hunt shoot at FDC, we had a brief tête-à-tête with one of the BAMBA judges Shafin Ahmed (Miles). "They are talented without any doubt as they have managed to impress us all throughout. But what they mostly lack is the confidence, because no matter how talented one is, what matters is what they are able to give on stage pronto. And we have always encouraged them to come up with their own composition and be creative."

After the 5-day grooming session at Water Kingdom, the top 20 bands are now up for the SMS voting round. Last week, divided in two episodes on Channel-I, the 10 bands that went through with the SMS round were: Border, Eclipse, Cactus, Beduin, Dark, Equal, Dead's foe, Power Surge, ATR and Dour

BEDUIN from Khulna
Band Lineup:
Shayer (Vocal), Nazmul (Bass guitar), Andalib (Vocal), Zubaer (Drums)
Shawon (Lead guitar), Zamil (Keyboard)
Genre: Alternative Rock & Hip-Hop mixed
Time pass Mantra: Practice music & hangout with friends
Inspiration to Music: Feedback, Miles, Black
Aspiration: To become a professional band
Experience of audition/grooming: Great!!!
Comments on the initiative: The competition should continue every year.
Faced any problem? None during audition & grooming

BORDER from Dhaka
Band Lineup:
Aman (Rhythm, guitar & vocal), Pavel (Drums)
Emon (Lead guitar)
Mintu (Bass), Putu (Keyboard)
Genre: Rock
Time pass Mantra: Adda, music
Inspiration to music: James, Hablu
Aspiration: Good career in music, for example to become DRockstars
Experience of audition/grooming: Learned a lot about music, daily routine was good too
Comments on the initiative: Awesome
Faced any problem? Instruments gave troubles

CACTUS from Chittagong
Band Lineup:

Maruf (Bass guitar)
Raju (Lead guitar)
Rony (Vocal)
Bashar (Keyboard)
Amily (Drums)
Genre: Soft Rock
Time pass Mantra: Playing music & listening to music
Inspiration to music: Our families
Aspiration: Make a good platform for our band
Experience of audition/ grooming: A brand new experience for us & got to learn a lot about music
Comments on the initiative: The participants were friendly
Faced any problem? None

This week the performance of the next 10 bands namely: Dreek, Fear Factory, Mechanix, Radioactive, Core, Britto, Metafaze, Biborno, New Rainbow and Bortoman. This will be broadcast on Tuesday and Wednesday 7.50 pm only on Channel-I.
Up until now, all the episodes clearly stated the obvious that these young talents are being judged, praised, criticized and corrected by the best there is in this field; on that note Shafin Ahmed also pointed out, "I hope they realize how big an opportunity this is for them and make the best out of it as they are the ones who will take the band music of Bangladesh forward."
So join the hunt and vote for the bands you think are the best! Type your band code and send it to 3030 from any GP or Djuice number, as many as u want, uptill 12.00am or midnight of the following day.

DARK from Dhaka
Band Lineup:

Charlz (Bass guitar)
Polok (Drums)
Mirza (Vocal)
Nirban (Guitar)
Genre: Rock
Time pass Mantra: Music practice
Inspiration to music: Metallica, Iron Maiden
Aspiration: DRockstar
Experience of audition/grooming: Everything that we have learnt throughout and also discipline & punctuality
Comments on the initiative: It is a big platform for us
Faced any problem? Money-related

ECLIPSE from Dhaka
Band Lineup:

Diep (Vocal), Wasiun (Guitar), Adnan (Guitar & Keyboard)
Nahian (Bass Guitar), Nazim (Drums).
Genre: Progressive Metal
Time pass Mantra: Compose music, read novels & watch movies
Inspiration to music: Michel Jackson, Firoz Shai, all metal bands
Aspiration: To become good human being and recognized musicians
Experience of audition/grooming: Excellent.
Comments on the initiative: The competitors are great. The initiative should be arranged regularly
Faced any problem? Time constraint, missing some classes for the competition.

ATR from Chittagong
Band Lineup:

Sami (Drums)
Avi (Vocal)
Razu (Bass guitar)
Tutul (Keyboard)
Julias (Lead guitar)
Genre: Evaluation music
Time pass Mantra: Tagore songs and others
Inspiration to music: Rabindranath Tagore
Aspiration: Want to rock the world with our culture so that it touches everyone's heart.
Experience of audition/grooming: Judges' comments inspired us a lot.
Comments on the initiative: Twenty new rock bands can bring new changes in the Bangladeshi music arena.
Faced any problem? None

DEAD'S FOE from Dhaka
Band Lineup:

Rassel (Bass)
Mamun (Drums)
Murad (Lead guitar/Vocal)
Shajib (Guitar)
Imu (Keyboard)
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Time pass Mantra: Music
Inspiration to music: Every metal band
Aspiration: To become music composers
Experience of audition/grooming: Lesson on drums was great.
Comments on the initiative: A very good idea and initiative
Faced any problem? None

DOUR from Dhaka
Band Lineup:

Turza (Bass guitar)
Pappu (Keyboard)
Shaon (Guitar & Vocal)
Pranjal (Guitar & Vocal)
Turzo (Drums)
Genre: Soft and Mellow Rock
Time pass Mantra: Reading and practicing music
Inspiration to music: Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi
Aspiration: Introducing new sound in music
Experience of audition/grooming: Fantastic workshop
Comments on the initiative: Thanks a lot to BAMBA, Bitopi and djuice
Faced any problem? Instrument-based

EQUAL from Khulna
Band Lineup:

Hasib (Vocal)
Shahed (Keyboard)
Momin (Drums)
Sharif (Bass guitar)
Rajon (Lead guitar)
Genre: Mellow Rock
Time pass Mantra: Listen to music & addafy.
Inspiration to music: Family
Aspiration: To give a new taste to the music industry.
Experience of audition/grooming: We learnt lots of things in those 5 days.
Comments on the initiative: We liked performances of 3 bands: Border, Bortaman and Equal.
Faced any problem? No

Powersurge from Dhaka
Band Lineup:

Nahian (Guitar), Samiul (Drums), Jamshed (Vocal)
Farhan (Bass), Sameer (Lead guitar)
Genre: Thrash metal
Time pass Mantra: Practice singing, reading, playing computer games and football.
Inspiration to music: Live Concert
Aspiration: To established thrash metal in Bangladesh.
Experience of audition/grooming: Learned some good techniques
Comments on the initiative: A step higher for the music of Bangladesh
Faced any problem? No.


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