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     Volume 2 Issue 24 | June 24 , 2007|


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Tech Wise

The 1.3 Million Dollar Phone!

Till now the Nokia Vertu, Moto SLVR and Goldvish were known to be expensive phones, and now there is one more to the list, it's worth 1.3 million dollars(BDT 91,000,000). 1.3 million dollars for this phone? The price is totally based on the looks of the phone. The phone, which is made by a Russian, has been embedded with diamonds on its left and right border. There are diamonds even on the keypad of the phone. There are a total of 50 diamonds! Each one is a blue diamond of 0.5 - 2 carat. The phone is completely made from platinum with logo and button's made out of gold. The phone has been introduced in the market by the company "Ancort".

Phone Specifications include a Motorola Processor (266 MHz), a Windows CE OS and a 64 MB RAM. It has a very good built in encryption system. Question is, provided that we have so much money, where do we go to buy such a set at a Cell Phone dealer or some Jewellery Shop?


World Time Watch

Despite what the average world time watch might tell you, there's actually 39 distinct time zones across the world, not 24, and they rarely follow straight geographic lines. This prompted the master watchmakers at Blancier to rise to the challenge of producing the world's first truly accurate mechanical world timer - and they've come up with a masterpiece.

The key to the device is Wolff's polar world map, which rotates 360 degrees around the hand axis every 24 hours. It's based on a Lambert projection - an 18th century map of the world - but Wolff spent a huge amount of time developing formulas to adapt the map to make it easier to read in a small format. The result is a beautiful and effective watch that has displayed excellent accuracy in testing at all world time positions. It is the first of its kind.

Wearable Car from Toyota!

This is a concept car designed by Hideo Miwa from Toyota. It's named the i-swing and looks like a chair on wheels. Miwa believes cars are going to evolve into more of a wearable design.

It can travel on three or two wheels, and its body is made of polyurethane and covered in fabric to soften the impact if it bumps into people, Toyota says. The i-swing, a “concept car” with no plans for commercial sales, is an upgrade of earlier concept cars designed to help with what Toyota calls “personal mobility,” meant to blend in with pedestrians on the streets.

Compiled by Mahdin Mahboob


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