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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 30 | August 05 , 2007|


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An hour with the Vice Chancellor, Jahangirnagar University

Interview taken by Tarique Muhammad Hassan

Professor Khondokar Mustahidur Rahman, VC of JU is a renowned educationist and economist. He completed his S.S.C from Dhaka College School in 1964 and H.S.C from the same college in 1966. As a student of Economics, he started his university life in Dhaka University in 1966. He obtained MSC from Islamabad University in Economics in 1969. He joined Jahangirnagar University as a Lecturer of Economics on 12 January 1971. He obtained his PhD degree in 1973.

In 2004 he was elected the Vice Chancellor of the University and since then he has been running the office with efficiency despite many adverse situations.

Sir, how do you plan to improve the overall status of the university?

In reply he said he has a dream about raising the standard of the university having many special facilities. Each student of the university should have access to modern technology like world class laboratory, Internet, library, better residential facility with better food.

“I want to have state-of-the-art research facilities where students would pass their time instead of getting involved in violent politics.” He said with conviction.

How do you evaluate the difference between students of your time and present time?

In reply Prof. Rahman said that during his student life, students were more polite and creative. They used to do politics with a constructive approach. Sometimes there were clashes between student groups but the weapons were limited within knife and hockey sticks. But students of present time use lethal weapons.

How do you evaluate the potentiality of the present lot of students?

“I believe that present day students do possess a lot of potentialities. They can use their creativity properly as they are equipped with modern technology. They have computer skill and other knowledge. But my advice is stop getting involved in corrupt student politics.”

Sir, please give your comments about Star Campus?

In response Prof. Rahman said that he regularly goes through the magazine. But he feels though Star Campus is a fantastic magazine, yet it mostly talks about the people of the elite society. It should be vocal about the people belonging to other communities of the society.


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