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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 33 | August 29, 2007|


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A tête-à-tête with the IBA champs

Nazia Ahmed

In the last issue, we covered the debate festival of IBA National English Debate Championship-2007.

Neighbourhood Cleaning Can be Fun

Professor Abdul Mannan

It was hardly five column inch news item published in the third page of the Daily Star of August 10 that caught my attention and took me half a century back.

IBA Communication Club Releases PolemicS

Abhishek Paul

The Institute of Business Administration Communication Club has published the second issue of 'PolemicS' the yearly publication of IBACC, on 12th August of this year in the grand dinner and award giving ceremony of IBA National English Debate Championship held at Radisson Water Garden Hotel, Dhaka.

The AIS Basketball Team
The Ruler of the DU Basketball Arena

Amanat Ahmed

The basketball team of the Department of Accounting & Information Systems of Dhaka University started four years ago in 2003.

An interview
Prof. Winston E. Langley talks about Nazrul

Prof. Winston E. Langley earned his PhD in International Relations from Howard University in 1969.

Viqarunnisa - Our Heaven on Earth

Tanjilut Tasnuba Riddhi

It is not too long ago that we have left our beloved campus Viqarunnisa -- but it seems to me that I am not there for hundreds of years. Yeah, I am really missing our heaven on earth -- our Viqarunnisa campus.

An Ornamental History!

Sajeda Tamanna Hussain

'Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who's the most beautiful of all?'

Let's Make a New Bangladesh

S. E. Karim Sabik

When I find my country still very backward after 36 years of its liberation I feel sorry and sometimes I blame our ancestors for the situation.

Dhaka The New Learning Center of the World

Naseer Ahmed

In connection with my studies an MS program at Arthur D. Little School of Management, during 1987-'88 I had to stay at Cambridge, which was located within the Greater Boston, the historic city of the USA.

How Einstein manged his inbox

Robert Roy Britt

If you're like Einstein, you respond to some e-mails immediately and let others wait.

The Vandal's Weekend


'Bish!' hailed Peter. His eyes lit up like a cloudless summer night at the sight of his first four cards.

The Plights of International Students in Sydney -Oh Mum, Where Art Thou!

Amrita Makin Islam

Thousands of students from different corners of the globe come to Sydney every year for university education.

A Piece of Heaven

Fahima Bintee Jamal

It was all melting away too quickly, after having toiled so hard for it, she didn't want it to be over so soon.

Leadership for tomorrow starts today

Shama Naz Siddiqui

The selection has been based on leadership skills, involvement in community-based activities as well as academic achievement.

Microbes in our every day life

Zakaria Ahmed

Microorganisms or microbes are very tiny one-celled microscopic organisms and are found everywhere in the world.

My first semester at BRAC University and my achievement

Fahd Bin Haider

On July 4, 2007, North South University Computer Club organized an Inter University Math Olympiad, a program part of the 5th Techno Fun Fair.

US Students at Bangla Summer Institute: My experience

Ms Farah Naz Sattar

What can be more wonderful in overcoming boundaries than an exposure onto the life, language, culture and history of another people?


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