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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 37 | September 23 , 2007|


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Monash Opens Opportunities for Asians

Hana Shams Ahmed

Sunny Malaysia. This beautiful country boasts of delightful mild weather all year round and is proud of being one of the top tourist destinations in Asia.

Miscellaneous poems

Mohammad Shahidul Islam

[1] The Court
With black uniform and certificate.
I dreamt of becoming an advocate.

Ragging- the crushing blow to freshers

Sanjida Khanam

As I walked into the brightly lit cafeteria of one of Dhaka's most renowned private universities I was anything but apprehensive.

Why teenagers should steer clear of cannabis

Adolescents' use of marijuana may increase the risk of heroin addiction later in life, a new study suggests.

Uni-Imperial-Drishty Debate Genius 2007

Md. Masudur Rahman

With an urge to bring out hidden talents Uni-Imperial-Drishty debate genius 2007- took place in the port city of Chittagong, a one of its kind contest, which is being held for the last three years.

Challenges for young teachers

Sheikh Hafizur Rahman Karzon

Teaching is a very challenging profession. For long the teachers, in common parlance called guru, in this sub-continent are highly revered.

Teacher's vision and mission: Pick-up from Pickering

Dr Binoy Barman

Since George Pickering, an educational trainer and consultant from UK, suggested at a workshop recently that teachers should have vision and mission of their own, and that they must perform their professional responsibilities accordingly, I was getting reverberations of his words inside my head.

How can we protect ourselves from food borne illness

Zakaria Ahmed, ph.d.

We know that food is the source of our energy. Everyday we eat and drink varieties of food items but seldom think about their safety and do not take necessary precautions.

Your World Debating Corresponsdent

Rashedul Hasan Stalin

Few months back, I wrote a story in Star Campus citing Bangladesh's achievement in the World Universities Debating Championships and in the World Schools Debating Championships back to back.

International Coastal Cleanup 2007 Cox's Bazar Cleaned Out!

Campus Desk

On the 14th of August Banglalink sponsored the International Coastal Cleanup 2007 in Bangladesh.

British Council Chief Executive visits Bangladesh

Mahdin Mahboob

Martin Davidson, the Chief Executive of British Council came to Bangladesh on a two-day visit on 14th September.

IUBAT- A University with a difference

Prof Dr Md Monirul Islam

IUBAT International University of Business Agriculture and Technology is the first non-government university established in Bangladesh.


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