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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 38 | September 30 , 2007|


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Love of our life… our uni life…

Afra Ilham

I still remember the day…I was standing in a queue to deposit the admission fees at the Registrar Building. Three boys were standing in front of me, arguing about silly things. That was my first meeting with Razu, Mamun and Zahid. I never thought these boys would become part of my university life. At the end of our 1st semester our gang stretched up to 12 members. We were Binyta (myself), Razu (the luice), Rayhan (Ray, the good boy), Afsana(Afsu babu), Saika(CK), Imran (Bilai), Zahid (Zaggu the turtle), Mamun (Dabbuia), Salim (Salma), Ziko(Tom Fuse), Raka from NSU, and Neelima.

In our university life we passed most of our time playing cards in our favorite Mall Chottor, watching Afsana beat up all the boys of our group, especially Imran, Zahid and Salim. As far as I remember Afsana broke Zahid's spectacles twice in our university life. We used to hang out a lot. We started our journey from Savar, followed by Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Rangamati, Saint Martin's, Jahangirnagar University and so on. Sometimes when we had some cash money we used to go to Fantasy Kingdom. When one of us felt gloomy we used to get into a Volvo bus and go all the way to the last stoppage, at Uttara. We also visited the Mirpur Zoo and Shishu Park and believe me it was great!!!!! We are planning to make another visit to the zoo. In our group Zahid, Salim and Ziko live in a Bachelor's Quarter. Sometimes we used to raid their mess just to put the boys in an awkward situation. We used to celebrate every little moment like the last midterm, last final exam, first class of the semester, last class of the semester. Unfortunately I think we will not be able to celebrate our last class of our university life...

We are at the end of our university life. When I turn back I see lots of precious moments left behind. Someone once mocked me when I said that our friendship would remain the same in the future. He challenged me that we will not be the same. I don't know what will happen after 5/10 years but I accepted his challenge. I told him that I want to at least believe that our friendship will remain unchanged. I won't say that our friendship was flawless, but in the end we always came together. May be we are not together 24/7 like we used to but we are together in our hearts. There are so many memories to recall in our solitude. Our overnight stays, picnic at Imran's place (where we had burnt the khichuri), hanging out together during Ekushey February, Pohela Baishakh, Pohela Falgun and many such occasions.

I don't know what is waiting for us in the future but when I think about our university life I feel we had our time and enjoyed our friendship in our own way! Our friendship, Love of our life, our "UNI LIFE"...

Department of Finance, University of Dhaka


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