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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 38 | September 30 , 2007|


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Favouritism and Lobbying

Tasmia Ekram Tushi

College prank
If I say that 'favouritism and lobbying' is a way to secure a good grade for a university student, many of you will agree and others will disagree. In our country, we often see that acts of lobbying generate actions influenced by prejudice and thus corruption gets augmented every moment. Exactly the same way, the deadly virus of prejudice has been developed in many of the universities of our country too.

I remember at the first day of my first semester my instructor of a certain course told us, “While giving grades I do not have any prejudice that I have to give 'A' to a particular number of students. If all 70 students of my two sections perform good enough to get A then I am ready to give 70 A's”. Throughout my first semester I was well directed, well taught by my teacher. Finally, I got A in that particular subject along with some other students. So, to thank my instructor I went to his office. After thanking him, on my way to the downstairs, I found two students gossiping, “Gosh! He gave me B; I was very good in this subject. I guess he did it deliberately. He didn't ever like me, so he gave me poor grade!” As I looked at them, I recognized one of them (who was blaming his instructor) as we took the course under the same faculty member. That student was also in my section, as far as I remember he didn't attend the lectures regularly and could never achieve good marks in midterms. I was very shocked and asked him, why he was blaming the teacher! He answered my question with a furious look saying, “ You don't talk, you got an A, and so he is the best faculty for you but he was unfair with me!” As he was in bad mood I did not say anything else but I knew how wrong he was! On that day, on my way to home I was thinking if it could ever be true? Like, it cannot be true that a teacher does injustice to a particular student; my question was why should our teachers show some sort of bias to some students? What they get from it? My thought ended up with a straight answer of my own question…that's probably 'nothing'. Then another question came up in my mind that if it is so, then why we students blame our teachers after getting poor grades! What we get from it? Again the answer is nothing, I guess!

Actually the idea of favouritism and lobbying is there in our universities. With due respect to all our teachers, no student can deny this fact. There are many such students who give more effort on influencing teachers to give good grades than studying. In the top universities of our country, this type of act seems to be futile but in some other universities this system helps a lot! Surprisingly some teachers are there in some universities who help to develop this lobbying system! Therefore, because of such bad reputations of university life, students fix it in their mind even before joining their respective universities that they have to do their bests to maintain good relationships with their instructors. Basically there are very few teachers who show prejudice but to end such a mean custom, our instructors should be alert and should never support any such deeds of their students. As being a university student, I yet cannot say that there is no prejudice inside my university but I also am not ready to accept such speculation of students that “He didn't ever like me, so he gave me poor grade” regarding any of our faculty members. I believe that this misconception of a student can only be cleared if we respect our teachers enough and our teachers value our thoughts a little more.

(3rd Semester NSU)

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