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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 38 | September 30 , 2007|


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Sabrina Hasan Shoily

Hurrah! Eid is back! Remember when we were kids, Eid meant a lot of excitement. The last minute decoration on the handmade cards on chand-raat, waking up really early for the prayers, collecting 'eidi', having super yummy chotpoti/shemai/kebab made by mom, granny, aunts, everything seemed so exciting. But as we are growing up, unfortunately I feel Eid is losing its charm. I am getting scared thinking about the fact that after few years, Eid will be even scarier because I will have to be the one making the food and not the one only having them!! Oh well, anyways, as we are getting closer to Eid, last minute shopping and planning seems to be the main topics of discussion.

So, here are few tips:
· I guess by now all of you have bought your Eid dresses, so let's not talk about clothes. Buying shoes and accessories are left in the 'to do' list. Girls can check out the branches of Bata. They have a brand new collection of pretty sandals at pretty reasonable prices. My brother says he liked the new shoes at Reebok. But, then again for girls and guys alike, there's no place like Elephant Road for shoes, isn't it?

· For accessories, I would say 'Almas' is the ultimate place! They have pretty jewelleries, hair accessories, bags and sandals. Guys can go to Bashundhara City, I found really cool stuff there! Metro Shopping Mall is also very good for bags and jewelleries. Also, for bags and belts, check out 'Raa' at Banani.

· Ok girls, if you want to buy jewelleries at a cheaper price, you know where to go…Gawsia Market! I bought few amazing finger rings with stones and other beautiful ornamentation, and I found the same things at bigger markets but the prices differ a lot!

· One of the best things to do on Eid is go out for rickshaw-rides! The roads are always free…the cool breeze would surely make you feel good and sometimes you cannot even recognize your beloved Dhaka city (or any city for that matter!). Take any of your friends, cousins, boyfriend/girlfriend or even parents!

· Dhaka is full of Lounges these days. X-Lounge, Shisha Lounge, B151 Leisure Lounge the list is endless! So, why not visit some of them with friends/cousins! And if you are like me, who has never been to any of these places ever, Eid is a good time to go! Then there is the usual hang out spot: Movenpick, where there is a big crowd even at midnight on Eid day! After spending a busy day with friends and family, you can meet your 'special someone' at Coffee World. I felt it is a good place to spend some time with him/her.

· Our all time favourite activity, long drives!
Nothing better than a long drive on the outskirts of the city with good food and even better music! But please, drive safe; we don't want any mishaps during the holiday season.

· For girls: try to get a manicure and pedicure two days before Eid and on chand-raat, keep everything ready, your dress and the jewelleries, so that in the morning you don't have to search for your matching earring etc. Put the mehndi on the evening before Eid and get proper sleep, because I am sure you don't want to look like a zombie on Eid day!

· I would recommend making e-cards for friends and relatives who live abroad the night before Eid. Just when you get to know that the moon has been sighted, sit in front of your computer and send lots of e-cards because on the Eid day, you will not be able to find any free time. People, who live away from the country, tend to miss their folks back home. So, they always love best wishes from near and dear ones! And lastly

· Do not overeat!
Now, let's see what few youngsters are planning for Eid.

Tawsif Anam Zoheb, a student of North South University, does not have much planning for Eid. “I didn't even do much shopping for Eid this time, the weather is such that I am enjoying the indoor more and not feeling like going out!

This year I am looking forward to two occasions, Eid and my birthday; which will be 2-3 days after Eid, that is why I am pretty excited!” says Zoheb.

Shama Islam, also a student of North South University, will be celebrating Eid in Dhaka. Her parents, who live in Chittagong, will be coming over. She plans to visit her relatives on the Eid day and the day after Eid and in between she will make sure to take out some time for her friends as well!

Asif Mahbub, a young man who has just completed his final year of Engineering from Islamic University of Technology (IUT) is extremely excited about Eid this year! Asif says “I am very happy, I am finally done with my Bachelors, after a long time, I can enjoy this Eid with my friends and family without worrying about any upcoming exam or quiz! I will be celebrating Eid at my maternal grandparents' place at Mymensingh, all my shopping has been done keeping in mind my convocation and job interviews. Before I used to buy more of casual t-shirts and sneakers, this time the choice has changed to formal shirts and shoes!”

Eid seems to be pretty good for me this time because my cousin is getting married the day after Eid and I will be off to Khulna during the entire holidays to celebrate the occasions with my relatives! As far as my shopping is concerned, I bought sarees this time along with salwar-kameez because of the wedding!

So, that's it from me today friends. Hope all of you have a blast on Eid. Enjoy with your near and dear ones, but among all the happiness and excitement, make sure you do not forget the less fortunate people of the society. Be nice to everyone who work under you, your domestic help, driver, and guards; give them free time because even they have the right to celebrate. Forget all barriers, enjoy the holidays to the fullest and never forget the spirit of Eid!

Advance 'Eid Mubarak' from me to all the readers of Star Campus! Happy holidays!!!

Spotlight photos : Ishtiaque Bin Quashem

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