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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 39 | October 07, 2007|


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The Influence of Love in an Individual's Life

Nadia Saleh

The word love is very small, of a single syllable only, but it carries and conveys a lot of meaning.

Fantasy Kingdom Revisited

Mahdin Mahboob

Theme parks offer a great way to take breaks from the hectic city life that most of us are indulged in.

Tips on oral communication

In various social situations communication occurs almost always. They mainly take place in two forms - written and oral.

Upholding the spirit of Bangladesh in a foreign terrain

Fahim Mostafa

Christopher Columbus went to America to spread the words of God and found gold.

My Favourite Teacher

Mushira Habib

My favorite teacher was Mr. Mohsin Talukdar for numerous reasons.

For the Love of Pizza

Saushan Rahman

The other day I was passing by Pizza Hut when I saw their Ramadan offer notice.

Swiss Study Centre escorts you To a promising career

Staff Reporter

High-tech and world class education is a must at present in the highly competitive job market and the effect of globalization is highly reflected in job market as well hence many of our private organizations have to appoint executives from other countries because we lack such efficient individuals.

ULAB - Excellence in higher education

ULAB started its journey in 2004 and introduced the liberal arts curriculum for the first time in the country.

Challenges Students Face Studying Abroad

Rudmila Ahmed

Going abroad for higher studies is a dream that most students harbor.

A day with Valerie Taylor

Rezaur Rahman

To be honest, it would not be an exaggerated criticism if I say that - today's generation is more concerned about their entertainment rather than doing something for others.

Perspectives sevitcepsreP

-G.Sumdany Don and Saria Tasneem Ahmed

We enter into the realm of two friends, who, whilst on a stroll across the park on a quiet autumn evening, land on a discussion about the existence of good and evil, in other words, the necessity of oppositions and contention.

In the Mind's Void

Kazi Hayat Reza

In the darkness she sat curled up in a fetal position. The void of darkness, infinitely vast, surrounded her.

The story of an invaluable experience

Elena Nikolaenko

This story would have never happened if I hadn't met Subrata Kumar Das and many other incredible people in Rome at Mondialogo symposium, a round for the teachers and students of the finalist teams.


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