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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 39 | October 07, 2007|


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ULAB - Excellence in higher education

ULAB started its journey in 2004 and introduced the liberal arts curriculum for the first time in the country. The concept of Liberal Arts may create confusion in the young minds. What is it? What is Liberal Arts? Does it have any relation with science? Yes, of course! Actually Liberal Arts doesn't only mean performing arts or such, it is a unique syllabus that exposes students to a broad range of subjects, ideas, approaches and method of learning. Liberal Arts means one can major in his/her desired subject but will still be able to take courses across other disciplines. Naturally it provides versatility to students and greater exposure than any other education system. The purpose behind emphasis Liberal Arts is to produce people who can think for themselves rather than follow.

All of the top universities of the world are either American or British and they all follow a liberal arts curriculum. ULAB seeks to follow the American model and very consciously seeks to follow the liberal arts curriculum because it perceives this as the core reason for Harvard, Yale and Brown [to mention a few] success.

At ULAB, students are introduced to the major thinkers of all cultures, east and west. They are encouraged to seek out what is best and apply it to their lives. Thus the student dynamically exposed to the liberal arts curriculum and become well-rounded, compassionate, thoughtful and active member of society. ULAB provide an education with sustainability in it's core value. Students are taught world civilizations as well as Bangladesh culture in depth. ULAB was the first to introduce Bangla in any private university as a compulsory GED course, which means every student must take and pass this course to continue his/her studies regardless their major.

ULAB's current programs are:
* Business Administration,
* Computer Science & Engineering,
* Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering,
* English Language & Literature,
* Media Studies & Journalism;

Institute of Suitable Development (ISD) & Performing Arts are the two more innovative programs hoping to be launched very soon.

ULAB provides an excellent environment and state of the art equipment and facilities to the students. ULAB has a 6 storied campus dedicated only for the university. Automatic entrance control and 24 hours CCTV surveillances system along with well-trained security guards are deployed to ensure security at campus. All classrooms are fully air-conditioned and contain all modern teaching implements. The rich library has a rapidly expanding collection with computerized catalog access, with a language lab within. There is also a spacious auditorium and café service available.

Computer & ETE labs are equipped with most updated equipment. Also free high-speed Internet access and free Email Accounts are available for every student. ULAB also offers a modern Media Lab, the first in any private university in Bangladesh.

ULAB rich in club activities; there are in fact 14 clubs operating at present time. These clubs are run by students' body and actively arrange cultural programs, tours, seminars, symposiums, fund raising programs and so forth. Through these clubs students are exposing their innovation and nurturing the talents of organizing both small and large scales of programs. ULAB has the only tournament-standard cricket field of any private university in Bangladesh, located in Ramchandrapur (Mohammadpur), Dhaka. In February 2006, ULAB hosted its first tournament on the field, the Fair Play Cup, in which other private universities participated.

Career Service Office is the newest addition to ULAB. This office will work very closely with the students to identify weaknesses and to develop them accordingly.

ULAB follows a well-crafted curriculum that provides a sound grounding in vocational and professional education. Students have the liberty to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

ULAB has a long-term vision and is developing their permanent campus at Ramchandrapur (Mohammadpur), Dhaka, with all the physical facilities possible over a 5-acre of land. ULAB enters in fourth year with many strengths to make it already one of the most prestigious names among private universities.


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