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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 39 | October 07, 2007|


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Mahdin Mahboob

Theme parks offer a great way to take breaks from the hectic city life that most of us are indulged in. Starting from the morning till late at night, we tend to be busy with classes, quizzes, projects, assignments-work, work and more work! Sometimes this becomes quite unbearable and we start badly craving for a break.

So, when I got an offer from Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman, Deputy Manager Marketing of Concord Entertainment for an all-expense-paid trip to the Fantasy Kingdom Complex, I gladly accepted. Eventually, on a bright and sunny Wednesday morning, me together with my friends Farzeen, Shohan, Rajon and Rony, were off to to Ashulia, where Fantasy Kingdom is situated.

The Fantasy Kingdom Complex mainly consists of three parts: the main theme park called 'Fantasy Kingdom' which has most of the rides, the water park with different water-based rides called 'Water Kingdom', and 'Heritage Park', a unique combination of Bangladeshi heritage and culture. The Complex also houses a resort called Motel Atlantis.

We spent almost the entire day at these places, thrilling ourselves with the different fun-filled rides. There are 21 different rides in the park and some of them are really scary! In my opinion, The Roller Coaster and the Magic Carpet are the best of the lot although Santa Maria, Giant Splash, The Bumper Boats and the Crazy Bump are pretty good as well.

I had two rides in the Roller Coaster and the feeling I got sitting in the first row was a completely different experience compared to being seated in the other rows. Magic Carpet is almost like the Urban Legends-people who have experience about it do not usually want to try it again. Shohan, who was very reluctant at first about that ride because of his previous experience about it, was later convinced (read 'forced') by me to try it again. Although Magic Carpet did not seem too scary to me, but it sure was big time fun!

Later, we moved on to the Water Kingdom, which thankfully has all the facilities that you can possibly ask for. Complete with changing rooms, lockers and showers this park has a wonderful array of different water rides including the Slide World, Tube Slides, Multi Slide and the Family Pool. The Wave Pool, with its exciting range of artificial waves, has a class of its own. It's almost close to a sea beach experience there.

The Heritage Park has some amazing replicas of Ahsan Manzil, Kantojir Temple, National Parliament House, Shat Gombuj Mosque, and Paharpur Boudho Bihar. It also has some international standard rides including the Bouncy Slide, Giant Ferris Wheel, Pirate Ship and the Dry Slide. Different restaurants offering a variety of cuisines are also present in different parts of the Fantasy Kingdom Complex.

Mr. Sharif Mollah (the Sales and Marketing Executive of Concord Entertainments) who showed us around the parks informed us that they have big plans for the upcoming Eid. A big concert will be arranged and there is also a special offer for Visitors being able to enjoy two rides free with each entry ticket during the Eid. Before realizing it was over, it was soon time for us to return and thus ended the hectic and fun-filled day. Thanks again to the Concord Group for arranging this trip for us.


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