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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 39 | October 07, 2007|


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Saushan Rahman

The other day I was passing by Pizza Hut when I saw their Ramadan offer notice. That notice brought back the memories of yesteryears. In my friend circle I am known by many names, from "Pizza Maniac" to "Pizza Monster," all bestowed upon me for my love of this Italian cuisine.

When we first heard of the offer few years back, my friends and me had decided to go for it. It was the time to pamper ourselves. All plans were made, and finally the day came. Me and four of my friends arrived at Pizza Hut at 3:30. Little did we know our luck had interesting twists in store for us that day. The waiter told us there was no empty table. "There is no way I am going home without having pizza" said Sama. "What are you going to do, bake the pizza yourself ?" Asked Sabrina. "Well there is always Dominos." Suggested Sama.

With literally no more choice in our hands we took two rickshaws and headed out for Dominos. Who knew that luck would pull out another stupid joke on us? Thus, as we reached the Mohakhali cross-road, the two rickshaws went to separate directions. One group went to the Banani Dominos, and the other one ended up in Mohakhali Domionos.

We waited for fifteen minutes for the other group to arrive, getting utterly impatient and annoyed, when Sama called and started screaming at the other end "Where in God's name are you girls? It is not really the other end of the country you know," she said. "What do you mean? We have been waiting for you for fifteen minutes." I screamed back, "NO! 'We' have been waiting for you for fifteen minutes," replied Sama. "Err sweety, which Dominos are you in?" she asked. And that's when our luck pointed its finger and started laughing at us. Grumbling and cussing since we had no other option but to go all the way back to Banani.

You think that's it? We ate and lived happily ever after? Well think again. To add insult to injury, when we ordered our pizza, the waiter looked embarrassed and said that they had run out of pizza. "Now why am I not surprised!?" After much debate we settled for hotdogs.

On our way back, we were passing by Pizza Hut. Suddenly Sama said, "I am going to take another chance. Lets check if they have seats now." Even though I showed a lack of interest, I couldn't help but find out what else our luck had in store for us. We walked in. And voila! There it was all alone awaiting us! "A free Table!!" We rushed towards it grinning uncontrollably. All the trouble for the love of pizza!!


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