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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 39 | October 07, 2007|


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Kazi Hayat Reza

In the darkness she sat curled up in a fetal position. The void of darkness, infinitely vast, surrounded her. She was alone, unloved, uncared for, mistaken and misunderstood. She wanted to be understood but no one was there to understand her. She desired company and only the darkness stood by her. She needed companionship but no one needed her.

No one wanted to help, no one wished to understand her, and no one cared to realize her disposition. And why should they? She would eventually end up being another nameless face in the ever-growing number of lost causes. Helping her would just be a waste of their precious time. Yet the girl hoped, aspired, and dreamt of salvation.

She thought of her parents, whose faces she had never seen; she was an orphan from birth. They could have helped her. They could have guided her through these turbulent times, but they were worlds apart now. No amount of calling and hoping could bring them back. Maybe she could confide in a friend. Friends…. she laughed at the word. It was the ultimate joke. There were no such things as friends; all those people she once called 'friends' were nothing more than con artists and shameless backstabbers! She loathed even thinking of them. The darkness tightened even more as she receded deeper into the corner of her mind.

The darkness, so oppressive and omnipresent, pressed down, harder and harder, until excruciating pain interwoven with sorrow and fear made her scream out in agony. But, in the dark recess of her mind no one could hear her screams…….. All was lost; all the faint hopes and dreams were finally sucked dry by the leechlike darkness, drawing her closer to the so-called blissful sleep of death.

Just as she was about to cross over, a sudden question flickered across the void of her mind. A brief glimmer only, but bright enough to give her strength to ponder. She resisted the blissful end and thought about it. A simple question-“Why?” But strangely, it awoke a forgotten curiosity. She concentrated more and this gave rise to anther question- “Why like this?” then another question-“Why am I giving in?” which led to another question and another. It was a nuclear fission of questions, a chain reaction, one question giving rise to two which gave rise to two more. And with each question the darkness progressively lost its intensity. Each question gave her added strength, “Why, How, Who, When, What” She fought back with more questions and the answers started to come, slowly at first but with gaining momentum. Under the avalanche of questions and answers, the greatest and final question surfaced, “Why don't I give life a second chance?” to which she decided to give an answer to.

I'll always be a Notredamian

Md.Naibur Rahman (uupol)

Rainy day again!” was the first thing my mind cried out! It was the morning of 8th September 2007, a day that was awaiting a memorable event to take place on the very grounds of Notre Dame College. The whole college put on a festive look adorned with banners for the reception ceremony of the GPA-5 holders. As I started walking across the banners I was ushered by the volunteers to gather around my group to collect my crest and certificates, when I heard my fellow students and their parents laughing and cheering with cameras going 'click' all over the place. Lt. Gen.(Retd.) Hasan Moshud Chowdhury, chairman of Anti-corruption commission was the chief guest. We were all happy to learn that he was also a Notredamian. And our special guest was Father Frank Quinlivan, C.S.C. And the celebrations and speeches fired off with a huge round of applause.

“You should be proud but you should not to be arrogant” said Hasan Masud Chowdhury at the starting of his speech that followed by more of his words of wisdom telling us we shouldn't be corrupted and should not tolerate Depravity. His speech stimulated confidence and spirit among the students. Subsequently another speaker who was from abroad shared his thoughts mostly in Bengali that was very amusing as well as enlightening for us.

Next came the second part of the program where we were refreshed with delicious food and drinks. With my friends and their fun filled cheers, I definitely had a blast! But the moment to say goodbye was not far away. The nostalgic feeling and memories came rushing. The lab class, tension of quiz, gossiping in canteen and so much more. I know I'll miss Badrul sir's teaching method, Bidyasagar Sir's Personality and definitely the charm of NDC. So as I said my goodbye I promised myself that will always be a true Notredamian.



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