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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 43 | November 11 , 2007|


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By Hemal (on behalf of Star Campus)

Mr. Nurul Islam
Lecturer, Department of Psychology, CU.

Star Campus: Why do people usually get addicted to drugs?

Nurul Islam: People take drugs for multiple causes. At first we can describe it from biological aspects. Drug addiction sometime depends on genes i.e. if a family member is drug addicted his/her next generation may become drug addicted. During pregnancy if mother smokes her child may get the habit of smoking. Similarly it is true for father. If he takes drug his child my become drug addicted. Besides, peer group is also responsible for one to take drug. Family conflict, depression, divorce, unemployment, distrust in love etc are also responsible for pushing one to drugs. Family supportive environment is another important issue.

SC: How can our society get rid of it?
Nurul Islam: Parents should teach their offspring about the bad effects of drug addiction. Religious practice, mass media and government can also play a vital role to eliminate drugs from our society. Drug rehabilitation centres must be increased. A help line can be introduced by the government where people will get counseling at free cost. Side by side we have to practice our own culture. You know that children's personality is determined within 0-5 years when they want to follow their parents. So, parents must avoid using drug as well as forbid their children from taking it.

Mr. A M M Raquib Quoraishi
Physical Education,
University of Chittagong.

SC: As a chief of physical department of Chittagong University could you please tell us why do students get involved in drug addiction and how could we save them?
Quoraishi: Nowadays students are getting involved in politics more than before. So, they are far away from sports, exercise and cultural activities. As a result they become frustrated and are more likely to take drug by the influence of peer groups.

SC: How could sports prevent to take drug?
Quoraishi: Sports must be compulsory in every institution. Physical education must be introduced in Chittagong University and it must be included as a course. You know, if you play any type of game it will keep your body and mind healthy. You will definitely feel good. A sportsman never gets frustrated so there is no chance of taking drug. Sports helps to lead healthy life. A sportsman is 4 times brilliant than a non sportsman. Physical exercise helps to recover 90% sickness. Finally politics of students, teachers and staff must be banned from every single institute.

Mrs. Safia Ghazi Rahman
Principal, Sunshine Grammar School, Chittagong

SC: What is your perception about drug addiction of students?

S. G. Rahman: without hesitation I must blame the family. Parents are not conscious about their children. They are not giving time to their offspring. Religious indiscipline, and peer groups are also responsible for drug addiction.

SC: What could be the solution?

S.G. Rahman: No doubt that parents must be free from drug addiction. They must give time to their children at least 5 days a week for 1 hour. They must maintain a very friendly and transparent relationship with their children. Students must be taught religious discipline. Parents must be alert whom their children are meeting. Finally we should practice our culture without copying bad things from western culture.


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