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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 43 | November 11 , 2007|


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The Current Situation and Possible
Preventive Measures

Saif M Islam

There are many escalating problems that this country needs to deal with on an urgent basis- drug abuse is no different Yaba has recently replaced heroin as our nation's frontline drug problem. However, its reach is still not as vast as heroin's- primarily because of the high price. As a result we find that a predominant section of yaba abusers are the affluent. Therefore, the task of firstly curbing down on yaba abuse followed by a long term strategy aimed at prevention of the same is not an out-of-hand task by any means. I'd like to make a few suggestions as to how the problem at hand maybe addressed. 1. Bangladesh is geographically located in a very advantageous position for drug smugglers- right in the middle of the so called "Golden Triangle" . So huge shipments of drugs pass through the country and naturally a bulk of them infiltrate our borders. It is therefore imperative that border security be tightened tenfold, and regularly scrutinized in order to ensure that free-flow of drugs inside and outside of the country is halted. Effective border security can immensely help marginalize the availability and therefore accessability of the drug.

2. Law enforcement agencies need to rigorously amd relentlessly combat each and every individual and organization associated with trafficking and selling of Yaba inland. We know some have been apprehended and it is necessary that these people by given exemplary punishments so as to send a message like, "Drug Traffickers Beware" and more of the same. Interrogations can lead to apprehension of more miscreants and perhaps even a few ring-leaders. It is vital that ring-leaders be put to the sword

3. Media has a very important role. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines need to regularly publicize the adversities of Yaba to the extent that it becomes manifest to current and potential users that Yaba is no less than a Life-Taker. Yaba users at present may be interviewed and their testimonies in media channels can serve as a powerful tool in this respect.

4. Rehabilitation is of the essence. Hate the drug, not the abuser. For too long now we have turned our backs on drug abusers. Alienating them from society will serve only to add fuel to fire. GOs, NGOs and all other concerned, must come together to rehabilitate Yaba Addicts- otherwise we shall only find recidivism increase at a paramount rate. How to rehabilitate ? This is an issue that needs indepth discussion and analysis and is beyond the scope of this treatise. However, it may be mentioned that
certain actors who are most likely to influence an addict's behaviour need to be identified (for intance parents, teachers, etc) and it is through them that rehabilitation can be sought- besides which insitutional rehabilitation may also play its part. Furthermore, it is vital the our country adopts modern, innovative and effective rehabilitation strategies instead of clinging to age-old techniques that seek to achieve nothing!

5. Finally, on a long term note, preventive education is perhaps the best cure. For instance school curriculums can include compulsory courses on adversities of drug abuse. Relgious institutions like mosques and madrasas can be asked to voice their opinions against the drug- I am quite certain that a vast majority of people will listen. Preventive education can also begin at home. The Govt. with the assistance of relevant organizations need to constantly devise new education programs that target not just the addict, but also the parent. Parents' role in our nation's war against drugs must be provided the highest precedence for they are most likely to influence the abuser in a positive way.

(Student of BRAC University)

My opinion about drug abuse:

Shoaib M. Siddiqui

Actually it's very sad for us that, people of our country are drowning into drug abuse. We all know, what are the reasons behind it and it's high time to have a strict move. The recent drive by government is appreciable. The drug routes thorough which illegal drugs are coming should be identified and meticulous checking system should be implied. No mercy should be shown to people, related to drug business and obviously, mass awareness should be raised to inform people that, taking drugs is cool by no means and it just destroys life. Also, the movement against drug abuse should stay long till the end of this problem.

Institute of Business Administration (IBA)


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