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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 43 | November 11 , 2007|


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No, we don't take yaba

Afiffa Munawar

-Do you take yaba?


-Hey tell me how does it feel?

-How do I know?!!!

-Then your friends must know it.

-No they don't

-Come on don't lie. You people are from private university. Everyone knows that students from private university do take all these drugs and they are in this business.

Yes, we face these types of questions everyday as we are the students of private university. Our parents give us terrifying look. They doubt our innocent friends and of course why our relatives will stay behind? They come up with lots of advices.

We all know about yaba and other drugs and its extreme bad effects through newspapers and television. We saw some young boys and girls arrested for taking drugs and for being involved in yaba business. But why we all are been accused and questioned for them? Is it just because we are the students of Private universities and may be sharing the same society? Is this generalized concept fair to us? No, it's not. Let me tell you why I am defending this. A private university has 3 semesters per year. In every semester we have to sit for 4 quizzes, midterms, final with comprehensive syllabus and assigned for home works, assignments, project papers submission and presentations. In every semester we take at most 6 courses and at least 3 courses. As per university rules one has to maintain a particular range CGPA other wise university will take necessary action against the student. Other than that, we also organize and participate in quiz competitions, debate and other cultural activities. You will be amazed to know that, these students do part time jobs in different companies, give coaching to school students or involved in programming and web site designing and earn money from it and they pay their own tuition fees. Now may be I could convince you that we don't take yaba because to perform these and to get a graduation certificate with a good CGPA we need to do hard work. Trust me we don't have time for lethargy or don't want to spend money on drugs.

Few newspapers even mentioned name of a university. I
strongly object to this. They should reveal the convict's full identity, past and present history rather than name of any university. I won't say that everyone is innocent but those who were into drugs couldn't continue further education and left university. So don't blame thousands of students just because of a few. So stop emphasizing only on private university students or kids from rich family, the verdict could be anyone from anywhere.

For parents I would like to request that, don't be suspicious of your kids, it would be more demoralizing for them. Be friendly with them, be friendly with their friends. Cooperate with them in their study, encourage them to write, to read books and spend more time with them. Praise their good qualities. Give them the realization that they are the important and responsible members of your family. I bet they will prove themselves and you will be proud of them.


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