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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 47 | December 09, 2007|


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attle of the minds,' the unique talent hunt program of British American Tobacco, Bangladesh (BATB), was held in the Khulna University campus on the 26 th of November for the 4th consecutive year. The program began with a presentation by Mr. Sanjid Alvi Ahmed, HR Manager- Talent Search & Researching, BATB, proclaiming the slogan 'Think Big & Shape your Future'. Students of the Business Administration discipline participated in the session with great enthusiasm, as was evident when the students roared their approval. The competition began after the lunch break. 3 teams, comprising of 4 members in each, started solving the case with steely resolve. The groups had only 60 minutes to finalize their presentation.

The judges panel included Assistant Professors Mr. Sk. Mahmudul Hasan, Mr. MHM Hefzur Rahman, and the Regional Manager of BATB, Mr. Sayeed Mahbub Ali. Participants defended the questions from the judges during the presentation round.

Aspiring young students learned a lot from this memorable event. Khulna University now looks forward to the next battle where 15 other universities will be competing to prove their worth.

Md Azharul Islam, Md. Arifuzzaman & Tareq Islam Shuvo
Business Administration Discipline
Khulna University

Md. Imrul Shahid

First of all, I would like to thank Star Campus for publishing some interesting and informative articles on private and public universities' contributions that are helping to build the future of the nation and of course of the writers of those articles too.

I am studying BBA in a comparatively new but fast emerging private university. I am not writing to continue the debate on private versus public university, rather I am going to reveal my tenet on this issue. I strongly believe if we continue this debate it will divide us into two poles, namely private university and public university. Nobody who is rational enough wants to let it happens.

In the present scenario we need to encourage and monitor both the private and public universities to develop and maintain a global standard. It is a pity that after 36 years of independence one of our public universities has not been known to the world for its quality of education. But I do believe everybody who belongs to either public or private university agrees with me that our public universities have been doing a very good job although they have some unacceptable tribulations in some particular areas, which can be solved. We should think how can we solve these tribulations.

We have more than 50 private universities but I have to say that only few of them try to maintain a global standard. We should take some pragmatic steps to increase the number of good private universities in the country. I strongly believe nobody can refuse the necessity of private universities in our education system. Day by day, high-quality private universities are finding their place in our education arena. In my view, the most important reason behind the growing demand is that we have a large population and the number of H.S.C passed meritorious students is increasing. All of our public universities cannot afford to offer seat to every students who has passed H.S. C. examination and is keen to continue higher study.

I am honored to say that my university, within a very short span of time, has created a name for itself. One example will make it crystal clear; in summer-2007 semester 250 students were admitted in the BBA program and 34 of them have G.P.A 5.00 in H.S.C examination. In this university, 30% of the students of a batch are offered scholarship based on their semester and also H.S.C result. So we can see that a student who cannot afford his/her tuition fees can get admission and continue higher studies in my university, provided s/he studies hard.

The above example evinces how a private university that offers quality education with required facilities plays an imperative role to build the future of the nation. I strongly believe that if we work together we can change the present scenario of both the private and public universities. We can share our knowledge and resources instead of demeaning one another before others.

So, I must say it's time to work on both the private and public universities to overcome the obstacles and take necessary steps to get rid of them. I do not offer any ready solution to improve our education system but I urge everybody to be united. Please think over it.

Comments are welcome: imrul_uiu@Yahoo.com
(BBA Program, United International University)

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