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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 58 | March 2, 2008|


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by Rabindranath Tagore presented by the students of Bangladesh International Tutotial

Enter the Stage Right, Not With Stage Fright

Ridwan Karim

As you prepare to face an audience, have you ever felt a cold and clammy hand squeezing the breath out of you?

This week's Quiz

A Different Perspective

Tohfatul Zannat Ipsha

Tick… tock… tick …tock…it's late at night and I was switching my fingers from keyboard
to pen but could not decide what to write or where to start from.

Mount Everest is in Europe!

Professor Abdul Mannan

Are Americans becoming dumber and hostile towards knowledge? The answer perhaps is yes.

Teacher-student relationship in classical and present times

Dr Binoy Barman

Whenever I think of the relationship between teacher and student, I am tempted to go back to ancient Greece.

CUDS observes Valentine's Day

M A Samad Hemal

On 14 February Chittagong University Debating Society (CUDS) organized a cultural ceremony and a debate show at Muktomoncha of Chittagong University.

Rendezvous of ELT professionals in Kathmandu

Akhter Jahan

Nepal English Language Teachers' Association (NELTA) organised its 13th International Conference at Kathmandu in Nepal from February 16 to February 18, 2008 with the theme “Global Change and Local Realities: Addressing Methodological Issues”.

Near Heritage : Near Roots
Architecture of Uttar Banga

Students of Architecture Dept.

Some Might go to China in search of knowledge.

My Language of Thought

By Rose Sabanal

When I came to Japan from the Philippines almost 20 years ago, I was asked, “What language are you using when you think?”

Bioscientist Club moves on…

Md.Ashraful Alam Sharif & Md.Aynal Haque Rana

Bioscientist Club (UODA) was formed by students of both Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering and Molecular Medicine and Bioinformatics interested in programming, irrespective of departments or programs of study.

Radio today & Nescafe 3 in 1 -present
“Rock the campus”

On February 14, across the world, candies, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine.

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