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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 58 | March 2, 2008|


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Meeting women entrepreneurs of Ctg.

Zahidur Rahman Noman

On 11 February 2008 we were assigned to do a story on Chittagong Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry's women entrepreneurs. We greatly enjoyed this assignment as we could meet some prominent and successful entrepreneurs.

They talked about skills development technique and career management. At the end, they also elaborated on various other aspects of starting a business for the first time.

Department of Management Studies
University of Chittagong

Amar Bhashar Cholochittro 2008

Kazi Ahmed Farhan

“Amar Bhashar Cholochittro 2008” was inaugurated on February 22 by the Dhaka University Film Society to promote Bangla language. The inauguration session was attended by Professor Dr. AFM Yusuf Haidar, Pro-Vice Chancellor of DU, Professor A A M S Arefin Siddique, Badal Rahman, and Imran Firdaus. It was a six-day long event.

Films shown in the TSC Auditorium of Dhaka University Campus included: From Bangladesh, Abirvab, Shilpo Shohor Shopnolok, Rongbaj, Daruchini Deep, Ghani, Shimana Periye, Dui Jibon, Dui Poishar Alta, Nil Akasher Niche, Uttrer Khep, Bashi, Rupban, Aha!, Lathial and Taka Ana Pai. From India, Bariwali, Eti Shrikanto, Miss Priyonboda, Shilpanthor, Shuborno Rekha, Harbat, Titli, Jono Oronno, Shriman Prithbiraj, and Mohul Bonir Sherench.

Tickets were priced at Tk. 10 each and sold at the Teacher Student Centre of Dhaka University. The response from the students was more than expected for the six days. Alongside students, people from all walks of life responded positively to this program.

MBA 8th batch
Department of Marketing, DU

Freshers Reception of the Faculty of Business Studies Held in DU

The freshers reception of session 2007-08 students of the Faculty of Business Studies in University of Dhaka was held on the premises of the faculty of business studies on 9th February 2008. It was a very lively and informative orientation program. The function started at 11.30 am and ended at 1.30 pm. The chief guest was Professor Dr. S.M.A. Fayez, the Vice Chancellor of DU and the special guest was Prof. Dr. A.F.M. Yousuf Hayder, the pro VC of DU. Prof. Dr. Md. Shirajul Islam, chairman of Management Department; Prof. Jagodis Chandra, chairman of AIS; Prof. Dr. Horipod Vottacharjo, chairman of Marketing; Dr. A.R. Khan, chairman of Banking; Prof. Dr. Mahmud Osman Imam, chairman of Finance; Prof. Md. Hasibur Rashid chairman of MIS;Prof. Bajlul Haque, chairman of IB and Prof. Dr. Ashraful Islam, chairman of THM spoke during the ceremony. The program was presided by Prof. Dr. Md. Shirajul Islam, the honourable dean of business studies faculty and introduced by Mrs. Samina N, Associate Prof. of Management Department.

The orientation program was sponsored by the Textum Group. National Bank Ltd. provided a bag and Textum Group provided a T-shirt to each fresher.

Department. of MIS
BBA 14th batch, University of Dhaka

Graduation of the Batch of 2007 South Breeze School

Mushfique Amin Mallick

After 14 years, the day finally arrived when I would be saying goodbye to my beloved South Breeze School. We were all beginning to doubt as to whether this ceremony would take place at all, seeing as how it had been more than 6 months since we 'officially' graduated. But when news finally reached us that it would take place on the 1st of February, most of us didn't know how to react, as it would mean bidding farewell to an integral part of our lives.

The night of February 1st arrived, and with it the ceremony which would be held in the Uttara building of SB, at Sector 11. Most of us arrived there around 7 pm, boys dressed in full formal attire- coats, ties and black shoes to go with it, some for the first time in their lives, and girls in saris. Most of the teachers had arrived by then, and we got too see some after many years, including those that had raised us like their own children, since our first day at school. The ceremony started with our wonderful principal, Zeenat Chowdhury, giving a magnificent speech, which everyone enjoyed. She then handed out the crests to every one of the 39 members of our batch. Everyone had to donate a book to the school's library, with a small quote on how they felt about SB, which we read out all too happily. We all then huddled around Miss Zeenat, and helped her cut the cake, which bore the message 'Congratulation Graduates 2007'. Some of our friends then got up to give individual speeches. Dinner was soon served, followed by a musical performance by some of our friends.

It was getting quite late by then and it was soon time for us to leave. As we all bade farewell to our second home, I felt, and I am sure I speak for everyone in our batch, that we would never forget a place so close to our hearts, a place that gave us guidance, an education and most of all friends. South Breeze would forever remain a part of our lives, and we will forever cherish the memories it has given us.

Infusion of “New Bloods” in Dhaka University Management Club (DUMC)

Abir Hossain

The new advisory committee & executive committee of Dhaka University Management Club has been formed very recently with a view to explore the potentials of the students and make them rich with the necessary expertise which will ultimately make them competent in organized team work, so that they can adapt to the organizational team environment later on.

The Dhaka University Management Club (DUMC) is affiliated with the Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka, which is aimed to be engaged in organizing different extra-curricular activities like business case, business idea generation, business debate, job placement, business seminar & workshop, corporate linkage, film & photography, tours & travel, culture & entertainment and sports & recreation that are capable of making the students of the department more skillful and professional.

The club started its journey back in May 12, 2007 with a promise to make a difference. And the new formed committee hopes to take it further to new heights.

Rotaract Club of Khulna University program

Siddiqur Rahman Apu

On February 19, 2008, Rotarian Abdul Kader Pintu distributed books and writing materials among indigent but meritorious students in the Khulna University cafeteria. This program was organized by Rotaract Club of Khulna University, and was presided over by Imrul Kayes, president of Rotaract Club of KU. Rotaractors Asraful Biswas and Asraful Islam Sumon were present at that time. The members of Rotaract Club of Khulna University have been running the Poll Harris Rotaract School since 2001 with the objective of spreading the light of education among the poverty-stricken students.

(Student of Soil Science Discipline, Khulna University)

Two-day Rabindra Fair at TTC Premises Concludes

Aminul Islam

The two-day long Rabindra Mela marking the arrival of Nobel Laureate Poet Rabindranath Tagore at Mymensingh concluded at the Teachers Training College (TTC, Male) on February 15.

The program started with a slogan “Jukta koro hey sabar sanghey, mukta koro hey bandha.” Rabindra Parshad local unit organized the program at the canopy of a banyan tree on the TTC premises.

Rabindranath Tagore arrived in Mymensingh by a train from Dhaka on February 15 in 1926 on a four-day visit. Marking the occasion, the then Zaminders arranged a special program in the district where people gathered in hundreds to take a glance at the poet. Tagore was accorded several receptions. Later he visited 'Aleksandra Castle", the palace of the then Zaminder of Muktagacha Maharaja Shashikanta Acharya Chowdhury in the district town, which is now the Teachers Training College. To keep the memory of his arrival (82 years ago) alive, the program is held on a regular basis under the banyan tree.

The program included discussion, recitations from Tagore's poetry, dance sequences along with rendering of Tagore,'s songs, screening of a documentary on Tagore directed by Satajit Ray.

On the concluding day, a discussion was held with Rokeya Begum, Vice-President of Rabindra Parshad in the chair. Prof. Shantanu Kaiser took part in the discussion on "Rabindranath and Bangladeshi Culture” among others.

Earlier Prof. Dr. Sardar Abdus Sattar, Director (Training) of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in Dhaka inaugurated the programme as chief guest with Prof. Md. Mukarram Hossain, President of Rabindra Parshad in the chair. Prof. Sattar discussed, " The arrival of Tagore in Mymensingh: Memory and Importance"

Habibuzzaman Khorrum, Secretary of Rabindra Parshad; artist Dulal Chandra Gain, Poet Yeazdani Koraishi, Poet Swadin Chowdhury, Poet Nazrul Hayat, Emdadul Hoque Millat, Prof. Reazul Islam, Prof. Atiqur Rahman, Prof. Sumita Naha, Prof. Afzalur Rahman Bhuiyan and Emdadul Hoque Selim attended the two-day function. Shishutirtha Anandhani, Udhichi Shilpi Goshthi and Alokdhara rendered the introductory songs of the program.

A colorful rally was brought out in the district town, which was inaugurated by Amir Ahmed Chowdhury Ratan, Convener of Sammilito Sanskritik Jote local unit. Amjad Dulan and Kanti Kaniza presented the two-day program.

Amitav Ghosh at IUB

Star Campus Report

Eminent author Amitav Ghosh, one of the “finest living writers in English” --as he was introduced by Professor Shawkat Hussain--delivered a talk on Of Fanaas and Forecastles: The Indian Ocean and a Lost Language of the Age of Sail at the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) on Friday morning, February 22. Later that evening, the writer read out from a section of The Shadow Lines at a reception also organized by IUB at The Westin Hotel. Both the occasions were very well-attended by a large number of invited guests, most of whom were Amitav enthusiasts, and both occasions were rounded off by very lively question-and-answer sessions.

Amitav Ghosh's talk at IUB was part of a monthly Lecture Series organized by the English Department at IUB. The talk also coincided with the inauguration of the English Department at IUB which launched its BA Honors program from Spring 2008. The Vice Chancellor of IUB declared Amitav Ghosh as IUB's first Writer-in-Residence, and presented him with a sash and a certificate.

In the morning session at IUB, Amitav Ghosh was introduced by Professor Shawkat Hussain, Head of the Department of English and Modern Languages, IUB. Quoting Holden Caulfield from JD Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, Professor Hussain said that Amitav Ghosh was the sort of a writer who you wished, after reading The Shadow Lines, was a “terrific friend” of yours. And here was the writer in person, visiting Dhaka more than forty years after his first sojourn here as a child from 1960-65, and almost twenty years after the publication of The Shadow Lines, a novel a large part of whose action takes place in Dhaka. Amitav Ghosh was visibly moved by the tribute that he received at IUB.

The Vice-Chancellor and Pro Vice-Chancellor of IUB also spoke briefly on the occasion.

Amitav Ghosh's talk at IUB, Of Fanaas and Forecastles: The Indian Ocean and a Lost Language of the Age of Sail, centred on the development, and ultimately the loss, of a 18th century mariner's language, Laskari, crucial to the survival and success of early sea-faring enterprises. Although most of the captains of the sailing ships were English, the seamen themselves, the Lascars, came from different regions of the Indian sub-continent and spoke different languages and dialects. Amitav argued that the urgent need for communication amongst the sailors, the need to give orders, and to understand and follow orders, gave rise to what might be called a pidgin language, the Laskari. Amitav's interest in social anthropology, evident elsewhere in his fiction as well, was clear from his excellent talk.

Amitav Ghosh is the author of a number of prize-winning fiction: The Circle of Reason, The Shadow Lines, In an Antique Land, The Calcutta Chromosone, The Glass Palace and The Hungry Tide. His non-fiction includes Countdown, The Imam and the Indians, and Dancing in Cambodia, at Large in Burma. He was awarded the Padma Shri in 2007 by The Government of India for his contribution to literature. Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) and the Indo-Bangla Cultural Initiative were the principal sponsors of Amitav Ghosh's two-day visit to Bangladesh.

International Workshop on E-learning held at ULAB

A three-day international workshop on E-learning for teachers was held in Dhaka on February 11 and13. Peter van d Pol, News Media Specialist from Radio Netherlands Training Centre Conducted sessions where 12 faculty members from Independent University Bangladesh (IUB), University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB), Pathshala, South Asian Institute of Photography and DRIK took part. The workshop was organized by the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) in collaboration with Asian Media and Communication Information Centre (AMIC) and Radio Netherlands Training Centre.


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