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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 62 | March 30 , 2008|


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Star Campus - ETC Book Reading Afternoon

Star Campus Desk

It was not like any other afternoon at the book section of ETC, situated on Road 27, Dhanmondi, where people, young and old, go every day to browse and buy books from a large collection.

Picnic 2008: A superb get-together of MIS Students at Nuhash Polli

Feeda Hasan Shahed

On 14th March, the Department Of MIS (DU) arranged a picnic party for students.

Convocation of East West University
Convocation of American International University, Bangladesh

Riding a bike can be fun

Abdul Mannan

My daughter's jaws dropped when I told her that during my student days in the mid sixties at Dhaka University I would always use a bike to go to attend my classes or to go around Dhaka city.

The Cruelty that Life Conveys

Rubana Shifat

She looked at the bright lights adorned so delicately around the enormous rectangular building, unaware of the masses of people entering it.

An interview of the Vice Chancellor Rajshahi University

Interview taken by M.A.Kaioum

Prof. Dr. M. Altaf Hossain, joined Rajshahi University (RU) as the Vice Chancellor on 5 June, 2005. He is the 19th Vice Chancellor of RU.

AIUB'S English Department's inaugural seminar on postcolonialism

M Hamidul Haque

AIUB's English Department held its first in-house seminar on the 20th of March. The topic?

Biotech Crops for Poverty Alleviation

Jewel Rana

Agriculture is the largest contributor to the economy of many developing countries; generating more than half of the annual GDP.

The 2nd congress of youngBB

Adnan mannan

19th March, 2008. It will be marked as one of the historical days for youngBB.

Independence: Tears and Smiles

Mohammad Shafiqul Islam

Freedom fighters dreamt of a Bangladesh where there would not be any discrimination between the poor and the rich, where people would live in peace treating one another as brother, sister,

Arthur C. Clarke: Luminaries Pay Tribute

Clara Moskowitz

As news of Arthur C. Clarke's death spread through communities of scientists, writers and science fiction fans, many people shared their memories of how the visionary writer, inventor and futurist inspired and influenced them.

We Are Not disabled,
We Are Differently Able

Rudmila Ahmed

Being students of second semester at BRAC University, this spring we are spending a semester at the Training and Resource Centre of BRAC at Savar, popularly known as TARC Savar.

“English Belongs to Me!” ends in BIJEM

The first batch of a specially designed English language course titled “English Belongs to Me!”

“Mantra: How to write an article under 500 words”

Billy I Ahmed

Writing an article of 500 words is no easy job! I remember, decades back when I began writing, I had no control on words count, or to say the least length and breadth of a paragraph, leave aside the other intricacy of writing.

Our people, who are so close to us yet so far!

Anup Chowdhury

There are some experiences that cannot be kept within and it is wonderful if you share.

Our Independence…Our Thoughts


Neha has just scanned her closet but didn't find anything to have on. Oh no! She mumbled “what would I wear?

21st February… is it just a day of formality?

Samantha Saberin

We celebrate the 21st February, our mother language day every year with lots of preparation, planning etc etc. but, do the people today in the Twenty First Century Bangladesh, even understand the value of their own mother tongue?

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