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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 62 | March 30 , 2008|


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Our Independence…Our Thoughts


NEHA has just scanned her closet but didn't find anything to have on. Oh no! She mumbled “what would I wear? She's stuck between two dresses but could not set up her mind which one to go for. Tawsif, Raina, Kashfia, Maher everyone is going to put on something outstanding. She doesn't want to be the one who is left behind. 26th March is approaching and they had planned to hangout on this holiday.

Snowed under attires she recalled how pretty was Raina looking in her red-green bandana last year and how others were appreciating her. This also reminds her that unsurprisingly, this year she bought a dress from a renowned fashion house. She couldn't decide what to do so she went to her mom. “What's the matter sweety?”

Mrs. Nazia asked anxiously looking at her daughter's face. “Mom, I don't know what to wear on our Independence Day” said Neha “can you help?”. “Sure sweety”, her mom replied “usually we wear dress that combines green and red which represents our national flag and as far as I know, you have dress like that”. “Ya, I do but that's not very good one, I want to wear something extraordinary” she replies. “It's not your outfit that makes you different, it's your thoughts that makes you stand out of the crowd” her mom said “And you should be more conscious about the history of your independence than your dress as your root is linked with it”.

There's no logic to argue with such a true opinion, but this is not the only way through which our generation observes 26th March and pays tribute to our Independence Day. May be we do not follow what exactly our predecessors did but we have made a way of our own to celebrate this great event. Above and beyond passing this day as a holiday and wearing red-green dresses, we send sms, set new caller tunes composed on our independence, email our friends, wish through e-cards, blog on our glorious past of freedom fight. Though the pattern of salutation has changed but the respect and feelings in our heart remain the same.

Back to Neha again… …

…… “So what you want me to do?” she gives her mom a doubtful look. “Well… you can spend this day with your friend, exploring something that is very close to our liberation war, for example, you can have a visit to the Muktijuddho Jadughar or you can find a freedom fighter and talk to him. Thus you can know more about our independence and get closer to it” explains her mom. “Oh mom, I just love you, you are the best” yells Neha with joy “I think the second one is more exciting though I'm going to try out the both”. Her mom smiles, “Sure you can, another thing you should be grateful to the Almighty that you still have possibility to meet a freedom fighter but think about your next generation they will be missing this wonderful opportunity as these great people will be no more till they grow up. That's why it’s your duty to convey them their message and let them know about their glorious past so we should be more aware of our liberation war and independence”.

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