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     Volume 2 Issue 65 | April 20 , 2008|


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Summer Campus Wear

Sabrina Hasan Shoily

It's 1 o'clock in the afternoon and you do not have any wish to go to the university and attend your classes because outside, waiting for you is our very own 'Shurja Mama', the one and only, as ready as ever to burn you with its mighty heat. Though it is not summer yet but the heat is enough to kill us, isn't it? And staying indoors, only because it's hot outside is just not an option. Let's face it, you have to go out and attend classes. So why not go out and live summer in style? This week in Star Campus, we will tell you all about being trendy in your campus even in summer. So read on!

If you are lucky enough to have an Air Conditioner in your classroom then half the battle is won. You can wear almost anything that you want because you know that you have the amazing invention to keep you cool. But the devil known as 'load-shedding' is always there to make our lives difficult. So whenever you are dressing up for your classes, always keep in mind that it is going to be really hot!

For girls, the options for dressing are many. The first choice is obviously cotton salwar kameez. There is nothing better than a cute, comfortable cotton kameez with a matching salwar and dupatta. Then there are fotuas and t-shirts. Nowadays, pretty fotuas with different neckline and sleeves are widely available. Try not to wear jeans with them because denim would make you feel really hot. Instead, opt for capris and khakis, they would be much more comfortable. It's time to bid farewell to those boots and closed shoes for a year and to welcome flip-flops, slippers and sandal shoes with pretty straps. Make sure you get regular pedicures and wear toe rings and anklets to make your feet look prettier. Keep the colors light; wear mostly pastel shades. Wear dupattas/scarves with floral prints or nig floral motifs with plain colored kameez and salwar because no matter how hot it is…. it's still spring! And if you walk all the way to your university, make sure to carry a pretty umbrella. Not only will it save you from the scorching heat but it will also make you look trendy. Most importantly, stay away from make up! Just a little bit of kajol and gloss would be fine. Use a good quality deo spray but stay away from very strong perfume. Use minimum amount of jewelry as well, in summer less is more! Try to carry a bag which will not only be able to carry your books, stationary and cell phone but also can accommodate a bottle of water, wet tissues and a mini hand-fan. You never know the electricity might go away any time during class and if your university building has windows which are sealed then you will be in trouble, girl!

For boys, in terms of clothing, t-shirts with khakis are the best choice. Be it a t-shirt with collar or without, they look smart and are comfortable. Try to avoid dark blue or black. Go for shades like brick red, olive, mustard, sky blue, dark cream and melon. Striped t-shirts look really great; especially white t-shirts with stripes of a different color look very sophisticated and sporty. Half sleeved shirts in pastel shades and stripes also would look good during summer. For guys, shoes would not be a good option for the feet. Sandal shoes would look and feel good. A smart watch and deo spray would make guys more attractive!

Most of the fashion houses in Dhaka are giving at least up to 60% sale on t-shirts, fotuas and tops (and you have always have the street opposite Dhaka College for all sorts of pocket friendly shopping!). So hurry! Start shopping for summer today and enjoy the summer in a cool way. Just beat the heat and be fashionable….as always!


Mahdin Mahboob

Summer in Bangladesh means the time for mangoes, lychee, watermelons and a whole range of other juicy and yummy seasonal fruits. But it also means a hot and humid weather, when simply going outdoors with the scorching sun glaring at you can become torture itself! But we have little options left given the fact that, like it or not, universities and colleges continue operating full-throttle in the long and excruciating summer! So here are some tips on how to keep yourself cool in this hot and humid summer:

1. Drink lots of water
Drink as much water and juice as you can possibly afford to, because the extreme heat is likely to take all the water away from you when you have to take a walk from some place to other. So, unless if you want to get yourself dehydrated, drink a lot of water and try carrying a bottle of water with you so that you can quench your thirst wherever and whenever you need to.

2. Wear light-coloured clothes:
Ok, so you have a range of cool black T-shirts, which you want to show off more often than not. But wait a minute, would you still continue wearing them knowing that dark and dull materials (and yes, black is the darkest possible colour) absorb heat much more than their light-coloured counterparts? I guess not. Choose white and other light-coloured cotton materials for your summer clothes unless if you want to turn yourself into a steam oven!

3. Let your feet breathe
Just like you crave for more wind and air with the hot summer air blowing, your feet too deserve to breathe rather than being stuck in a pair of tight, leather shoes all day long! For people who have an option to choose flip-flops and sandal-shoes over formal shoes, please do so in the summer, unless if you want to see your beloved feet in utter distress.

4. Protect your eyes
Protecting your eyes against the harmful UV-rays is a must and this is where the sunglass comes in. Wear one whenever you have to go outdoors during the daytime.

5. Protect your head
There's absolutely no benefit exposing your precious head to the glaring rays of the blazing sun. Use an umbrella if possible or at least a wide-brimmed hat or a cap at that.

Hmm…now go out and enjoy whatever summer has to offer for you. Stay safe and stay cool!

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