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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 65 | April 20 , 2008|


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Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

I am Farzeen, a regular reader of the Star Campus magazine and I must say that over time, it has become one of my most favourite magazines. Star Campus has truly established itself as the voice of today's young generation and the variety of topics that are covered in the different articles continue to draw my attention. The fact that its content is pretty diverse and unpredictable makes it all the more interesting.

I used to read the printed version back home and now that I am in England for my Masters, I continue to read Star Campus on the online edition. Thanks for making Star Campus such a great magazine!

On an ending note, I would like to point out that the print version would have been much more enjoyable if better qualities of ink and paper were used.

Farzeen Mahboob
University of Portsmouth, England.

Dear Farzeen,
Many thanks for your mail. It is for readers like you that we(the Star Campus Team) continue to work hard to make the magazine better and better. Please continue to read Star Campus and send in your articles and stories and we will consider them for publishing. And about your observation about the print version, we'll keep it in mind and will try to improve on its quality in the near future.
Star Campus Editor

Dear Editor,
The writing published on page 2, under the heading "UIU Independence Day Cricket Tournament" is not an official press release or news item. It was written by me, Saquifa B.Seraj, and I am a student of UIU, not an official. I submitted it in the official pad of UIU because I was not sure if you publish writing sent by students on their own accord rather than through their institute. As far as I know, Star Campus is an unbiased magazine for the students of all institutions and their writings are published under their own name. Please let me know why you didn't print my name and shortened my writing considerably. Your feedback will help me in sending better quality writings in the future.

Saquifa B. Seraj, 5th Semester, BBA Program
United International University

Dear Saquifa,
There was no problem with the quality of your report. And you are most welcome to write articles and send them directly to us. Star Campus prints articles written by students and teachers. Definitely, Star Campus is not biased to anyone. Your name was dropped because it came on an official letterhead, which led us to think that it was a Press Release. You don'y have to come to us via UIU office. For various reasons we may have to shorten a report or article.
Star Campus Editor.

"I wonder how many of your families get the Daily Star. I do hope some of you read at least parts of it. On Thursday, there is an inset for young people called Rising Stars and there is another for universities, colleges and schools called 'Star Campus'. In 'Star Campus' a couple of weeks back, several students wrote who had been to get their Voter ID. Some of them are really pleased about being new voters. This is what Mahdin Mahboob wrote:

“..Many of us students will be able to cast our votes for the first time. As much as it is important for us to educate ourselves and lead our country in the future in all aspects, it must also be remembered that we should also involve ourselves in political matters, not move away from them in fear or disgust, or more sadly, indifference...”

Dear Mahdin,
Thank you for your article in Star Campus a couple of weeks back - I cut it out and filed it for possible use in my morning Assembly and the opening lines above are from an Assembly in the Girls' Section at Bangladesh International Tutorial!

My morning Assemblies take me anything from half and hour to an hour and a half to write. It is terrific discipline but I like it - writing in extremely simple English for Class 2 to Class 9 for Assembly.

Anyway, thank you very much. I know how much I like to know that something I have done has produced 'fruit' in one way or another so I thought I would let you know. So much of what one does in life, one wonders at times whether it was worth bothering with!

Angela Robinson
Headmistress Girls' Section BIT

Dear Ms.Robinson,
Thank you for your email. It was a pleasant surprise for us to know that you've talked about our cover story 'First Time Voters' in your school assembly.
I feel honoured knowing that you have quoted from my article in your assembly speech. I hope this inspires your students, who represent the future of our country, to actually get involved with our political process some day.

Thanks and Regards,

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