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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 66 | April 27, 2008|


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Starring: Biggest Youth Summit

Eeman Ahmed

THE time is finally here. North South University Debate Club is bringing the All Asian Inter Varsity Debate Championship, not only to Bangladesh, but to South Asia for the first time ever! Apart from being the largest and the most prestigious academic competition in all of Asia, the All Asian Inter Varsity Debate Championship, more commonly known as the 'Asians', comprises more than 450 participants coming from around 10-12 different Asian countries. This, being the biggest youth congregation, promises a 7-day-long experience packed with heated debates and culturally colorful nights and it is all happening right here in Dhaka this coming May!

As can be expected, preparing for an event of such magnitude has proved to be difficult for us, but not impossible. To ensure organised planning, as soon as we won the bid for hosting Asians, we began by forming a National Advisory Committee, a panel consisting of the socially renowned people of this country.

Apart from the Advisory Committee, we have also requested for external help in the form of volunteers from some of the most reputed schools of Dhaka. In addition, we recently invited most of the senior debaters from the Bangladesh Debate Fraternity to a dinner where we presented our preparation and the all Asians debate format for them. Today, with only two weeks remaining to the grand Opening Ceremony, we can dare to breathe a sigh of relief as things are finally falling into place.

Due to the large number of foreigners participating in the event, we had to deal with numerous pressing issues. First and foremost, to facilitate all air travels to and from Dhaka, we have collaborated with Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd., our Airline Partner, which has graciously agreed to provide us with several amenities including reduced airfare. In addition, we have gained the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh for expediting the process of providing VISAS to foreigners.

Our second concern was accommodation. Since we are providing for some of the brightest youth minds in Asia, we chose not to compromise with quality and found no other place as appropriate as the elegant premises of the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, the authorities of which have enthusiastically agreed to be our Accommodation Partner.

Apart from Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd. and Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, numerous other groups and companies such as British American Tobacco, BRAC, ACI Ltd., National Credit and Commerce Bank Ltd., Southeast Bank Ltd., Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd, RahimAfrooz and many more are currently involved with the organizing of Asians. To us, this tournament is not just an 'NSU event'. It is an opportunity for the entire student community to benefit from. Thus, we chose to involve other schools and universities such as the United International University, which has one of the finest campuses in Dhaka, where the main debates of Asians are scheduled to be held. In addition, our Media Partners include The Daily Star, Prothom Alo and Radio Foorti while Akij Food and Beverages Ltd. has consented to become our Beverage Partner throughout Asians. Moreover, Akij Food and Beverages Ltd., or more specifically Mojo, has decided to customize a 'Fun Night' at Wonderland Amusement Park especially for the organizers and the participants of Asians. This night will capture the magic and life of the rural society of this country and will feature thrilling 'Nagordola rides', enchanting 'Baul' songs, delicious traditional 'Pithas' and many more customary rituals of Bangladesh.

As can be understood, Asians is not solely about winning and losing debates. Apart from this, an imperative part exists in the interaction and blending of the different cultures of Asia. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to start off the competition with a 'Cultural Night'. This night will bring with it an exclusive opportunity for the different Asian nations to exhibit their diverse customs and traditions in front of others. We believe this will strengthen the relations between each country and give us, Bangladeshis, a chance to portray our culture, traditions and general way of life.

Naturally, the gravity of this programme is not lost. By hosting this event, we not only look to build future leaders, but to uphold the image of Bangladesh internationally.

Moreover, we will take this opportunity to develop solutions regarding today's burning global issues through countless debates, round discussion forums, etc. At the same time, we plan to keep the participants thoroughly entertained throughout the 7 days by holding numerous parties, dinners, concerts and fashion shows. We are confident that, with all the encouragement and support we have been given so far, this year's Asians will be an immense success. So wait no more! Interested parties are requested to please register without further delay. For further details, please feel free to visit www.nsuallasians.com and to contact us, call at 01712106927, 01819559271 or mail us at nsudc@hotmail.com.

Prior to Asians, we are also arranging for an International Debate and Adjudication Training Programme, starting from May 2, 2008. To conduct this programme, we are bringing in Dr. Alfred C. Snider, affiliated with numerous World School Debate Championships (WSDC), actively involved in the debating world for more than 30 years; Mr. Jason Jarvis, President of the All Asians committee, founder and director of the Asian Debate Institute, internationally qualified trainer; Mr. Sidharth Chauhan, renowned debating figure in the Asian Debating Community. We believe this will be an exclusive opportunity to develop the country's debating skills. Any interested school/college/university/individual is requested to register immediately.

Holy Cross Science Fair

Dharitree Atique

HOLY Cross Girls' High School organises a science fair every two years. A Science Fair is a great experience for people of all ages and has a remarkable effect on the young minds of the students.

Our project for the fair was “A Power House Project using Peanuts”. In our project, we made a model to show how it is done. To make it we used some husked peanuts, a large cardboard, cock sheets over the cardboard and for two small houses, coloured paper for decorations, a plastic jar as the gas chamber, a pot as the boiler, pipes, a switch, batteries, bulb etc. If we use this project in real life, we will need to use metal chamber as the gas chamber.

The Power House Project will have a chamber. It will be joined with a tin slide and inside it there will be a tin platform. Underneath it there will be a fire (we used red paper in the model). We will put the peanuts on the platform through the slide. Then the gas chamber will be closed by an airtight door. The peanuts will be burning and there will be a gas from the carbohydrate of the peanuts. The gas chamber will be filled with gas. There will be two pipes at the top of the gas chamber. One of them has to be congested with a house and the gas will be used to cook. And the other pipe will be connected to a boiler, which the gas will help to boil water. Another pipe will be connected to the boiler, which leads to a turbine. The vapour made from the water will hit the turbine and it will start to spin. The spinning of the turbine will create electricity. We can use that electricity to run fans and lights. We will need one kilogram peanuts for 206 units of electricity. We can use that for two hours.

There were many other projects in the Science Fair including the FM Radio, Laminating Machine, Telescope, Projector, Floating City, How to prevent “Bird Flu”, Power House from Salt, Skin Diseases and other projects.

Our teachers gave each and every student the needed inspiration from the beginning. They helped us a lot. On the days of the Science Fair, they paid a visit to each of the projects. They also praised and wrote beautiful comments. For grades six, seven and eight, the Science Fair was a new and exciting experience. At first students of those classes were very confused and couldn't decide what was right and what was wrong. But teachers always helped them and stood beside them like friends.

Our Science Fair continued for three days. The judges came on the second day. Guardians and visitors from other schools came everyday. The last day was the prize giving day. We thought we won't get a prize but when the teachers announced our name as 1st in the Class 8, we became really happy. We ran to the Headmistress to take our crests and certificates. We all hugged each other in joy.

By this Science Fair, we have learned a lot. It helped us to explore and experience new things. It was full of excitement and was a great achievement for all of us. We also got to know how to work as an ideal team and get things done within a limited time.

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