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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 67 | May 04, 2008|


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Jabbarer Bolikhela- at 99 still going strong

Abdul Mannan

By the time the readers read this, Chittagong's historic Jabbarer bolikhela (Jabar's wrestling) will be over.

BIO and my thoughts

Gaushey Shahariar

The successful completion of the 5th Bangladesh Informatics Olympiad was a praiseworthy endeavour jointly undertaken by Bangladesh Informatics Olympiad Committee(BIOC) and Bangladesh Academy of Sciences (BAC) with the support of The Daily Star and Nescafe 3in1.

Genetic Engineering
The future of food and medicine

Zakaria Ahmed

The world population continues to increase at an explosive rate, our arable land is deteriorating, fresh water is becoming scarce, and increasing environmental stresses will pose ever more serious threats to global agricultural production and food security in future years.

How to meet the challenges of 21st century

Badrul Samrat

With the novel view of establishing friendly relations among the people, especially the young, from every corner of the world, Mondialogo is expanding its circumference day by day.

Teacher and Student

Shatabdi Biswas

Teachers are the builders of a civilized nation and in fact, their whole job is dedicated to making good and amiable citizens for a country, as well as for this world.

Voice of the first time voters:
A closer look at their perspectives

Zannatul Lamea

It is said that students are to emerge as leaders in the future.

Living the Pure Life in Tetulia

Tamara Zafar

On the morning of Thursday, the 13th of March, we set out on a 9-hour journey to the northern most region in Bangladesh to visit a tea estate and organic farm in Tetulia, Panchagarh.

Eight Days of Imagination
The Inter University Drama Festival

Aditi Ahmed

Theatre means indulging oneself into the figments of the powers of the mind, both physically and mentally, and one can enjoy the happiness of placing themselves center-stage and wait for the curtains to lift to display to the world the antics of a latent personality that co-exists with the character portrayed.

A to Z of Ajax Web Portals:
An Aiubian's endeavour

Md. Anwarul Kabir

On part of a teacher, writing a review of a book authored by his/her favourite student is indeed an immense pleasure.

IBA salutes 1415

Farhan Matin

Noboborsho is so much more than the vibrant rendition of exuberance from the palettes of Charu Kala Institute's pupils.

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