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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 69 | May 18, 2008|


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MA ELT - a fast growing modern day professional degree

Iffat A N Majid

Even a few years back any mention of an MA in English meant a Masters degree in English Literature.

A colourful evening at William Carey Academy

Adnan Mannan

Every child has some talent. And if it is properly nourished they can show amazing creativity.

Career Fair & Accounting Day 2008
A remarkable event for the accounting students of DU

Taslima Rawshan Tinni and Mahmud-Ur-Rashid

Accounting is a service activity. Its function is to provide quantitative information, primarily financial in nature as it talks about economic entities that is intended to be useful in making economic decisions and in making reasoned choices among alternative courses of action.

A Second Reflection on Star Campus Adda

Efadul Huq

It was an evening worth recounting a second time. So here I am. Students from universities in and around Dhaka gathered in The Daily Star Conference Room along with the SC editor, our jolly Shahnoor Bhai.

ICT Fair at Oxford International School

Fatema Jannat Mony, Raj Narayan Saha and Ananya Kadir

The weather might have been hot on the 24th of April but that was nothing compared to the frenzy that was taking place inside OIS.

Realising the significance of Mother's Day

Nahian Kabir

There's no other person in the world that has made a greater impact on which you are today than your mother.

On Teacher-Student Relationship

Md. Anwarul Kabir

During the closing decade of the last century, perhaps on the first or second day of my graduate programme in the university of Wales,

A Journey to Media…

Umme Wara Mishu

Like every other teenage girl, I was also used to standing in front of my mirror and copying the two great presenters in Bangladesh; Samia Zaman and Samia Rahman during the first golden phase of the Ekushey Television.

Global Youth Service Day 2008
Youth changing the world

S. M. Fahad-Bin-Kamal & Samia Seraj

The YES Alumni of Bangladesh, in association with the Bangladesh Education and Resource Network (bEARN) organized a successful awareness campaign,

Coming Home...

Saba Kabir

There is something about the air in Dhaka. Whether it's the pollution playing tricks on your unaccustomed body chemistry, or the dense, invisible mist of nostalgia that has you gasping for breath,

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