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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 69 | May 18, 2008|


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Entertainment Guaranteed!

Saushan Rahman

OVERLOADED with work? Do not have the time to hang out with friends or watch a movie? Well here is your source of pure entertainment, satisfaction guaranteed.

http://banglarcinema.blogspot.com/ is here to give you a sneak peek at some of the most popular (fictional) Bengali movies of all time. The makers of the site Mahdin Mahboob, Nader Islam, Shabab Zaman and Nadim Naimur Rahman guarantees that after visiting this site, the viewers will definitely abandon their fascination for Hindi films and turn to their roots. They will certainly realise the eternal appeal of their beloved local movies.

The site has exclusive reviews of all the mega blockbuster films namely Apel keno Shobuj? (Why is knife sharp?) Labhlee Tumi Kar? (The Machine Gun), Phuler shubash (Mortal Kombat), Doyar Shorir (No mercy) among others.

This week the site gives you the chance to have a sneak peek at the year's most anticipated blockbuster Urey Eshe Bukey Laththi - The first Love, sequel to Aaj Ghusha Khelam and Dupurer Khana Holo Latthi; starring Kuddus Kutubuddin as the hero Mintoo, Kukhkhato Jorina as the love of his life Tumpa and Patha Mia as Rubel the villain. Love, hate, action, dancing in the rain, social discrimination, you name it and it is there in this movie. The movie is about the true love of a poor boy and a spoiled little rich chick. The big obstacle in their love story is Rubel, the brat brother, who has egg noodles for lunch everyday (that speaks for his too good health).

What will happen to the innocent lovebirds and their love story? To know more log on to the site or watch the film. We assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Another smashing hit running in the theater is Potoldangar Mela - The Lost Brothers, starring Mota Mia as the twin brothers - Dablu and Tablu, who get separated at an early age; later reunited by the help of a song they both used to sing when whey were infants (Point of information: they learned that song way before they could even speak). But why were they separated, and how (why) did they get reunited? And who is the villain in the film? For further details, long on to the site that ensures 100% pure entertainment. We assure you, you will laugh till your tummy hurts.

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