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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 73 | June 15 , 2008|


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Tech Wise

BMW's concept car made out of cloth!!!

BMW has created a concept car called the GINA Light Visionary Model, which takes a seamless, plastic-coated lycra material, and stretches it over a metal frame with moving parts allowing for the car to have shape-shifting properties. The shape of the body can be changed without tearing or loosening the fabric, and the steering wheel, gauges and headrest all move into place after you sit down in the car.

The car is based off a 4.4-liter Z8 with a six-speed automatic transmission. The body is comprised of just four panels hood, sides and rear and the material is water resistant. As far as shape-shifting goes, the car can alter things like adding or removing a spoiler, or widening fenders. I'm not sure about you, but it sure looks mind blowing to me!

Sony Ericsson C905 a 8.1 Megapixel Cybershot?

According to the Unofficial Sony Ericsson blog, the upcoming C905 phone will be the flagship Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot phone. Here's why it's so good. There's a 8.1-megapixel camera with "auto focus, face recognition, a new feature called Smart Contrast, image stabilization, BestPic, red-eye reduction, xenon flash as well as photoflash for both photos and videos." There's also location tagging with GPS, an accelerometer, 2.4-inch QVGA display, TV-out, Wi-Fi, DLNA support, Bluetooth and USB 2.0 transfers. It sure sounds too good to be true! Now it remains to be seen if this one turns out to be true and whether they can fit all of these features into that small body.

Disguised Lighting looks like Slits into Parallel LED Universe

Designer Billy May has come up with his Torn Lighting concept as a discreet way of adding some light to your apartment. The installations conceal LED lights, and look like you've got some kind of weird space-time holes torn into your walls and leaking light into your room. Pretty neat, and a nice way of getting mood light from LEDs without the risk of you being dazzled by their exposed faces. Now if only there was a way to animate the walls to get a proper rippling effect!

Gateway's All-In-One PC Revealed

Gateway's been acting all mysterious about its upcoming one-piece PC and now it has finally revealed the Gateway One, a 19-inch all-in-one desktop box that's just 3.6 inches deep. The long-chinned PC will be available in three models, two of them retail versions and one available only online, and all of them carrying mildly respectable specs.

The low-end retail version starts out with a 1.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor inside as well as 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive along with Intel X3100 graphics, and that'll cost you $1300 (approx. BDT 91,000). The higher-end retail version bolsters the specs, raising that Core 2 Duo chip to 2GHz, adding an extra gig of RAM to 3GB and bumping up that hard disc to 500GB.

In between those two is the $1500(approx. BDT 105,000) online version, just like a low-end model except with a 400GB hard drive and a better Radeon HD 2600 graphics chipset. Does sound a good buy overall!


Compiled by Mahdin Mahboob

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