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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 75 | June 29, 2008|


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From the Guestbook

Bangladeshi Teams Excel at the AUDC

Muhammad Abdul Latif

The Asian Universities Debating Championship (AUDC) is the most competitive debating tournament in Asia.

Kodaikanal International School
Interaction among students in our community

Sabiha Mahmud Sumi

Kodaikanal International School, a multicultural Christian school is situated in Tamil Nadu, a state in South India.

300,000 Await Engineering students

Subrata Kumar Das

To encourage cooperation and dialogue among the people from different countries and promote working together across continents on a joint project activity; Daimler and UNESCO invite student engineers from universities around the world to apply for the largest international engineering competition - the Mondialogo Engineering Award.

Musical Saw

Nazia Ahmed

Every time I hear the carpenters saw-ing away in their workshop, I cant help but notice the rhythm that comes out from their works, with a bit of hammers bamming and metals being imbedded, as background noise.

Tale of a tragedy

There are very few other things that give the heart more agony than to watch a dear friend die right in front of your eyes.

Of poodles, pampers and pain

Zannatul Lamea

When I saw him for the first time, I couldn't take my eyes off him; he was cute and chubby, he was snuggling hard to get himself under a car and stay clinging there.

1st Intra IBA Branding Competition 2008

Tawsif Saleheen

The auditorium delved into a hushed silence as the judges reentered the room.

BRAC EDF's Rendezvous with Mr. Fazle Hasan Abed

Rudmila Ahmed & Iftekhar Ul Karim

Three people were laying bricks and a passerby asked them what were they doing.

The Aim of University Education

Md Rukan Uddin

A university, either public or private, is supposed to be the higher seat of learning, teaching and research.

Brainstorming at Harvard for a better Bangladesh

Abdul Mannan

It was a remarkable gathering of Bangladeshi diasporas and researchers, academicians, policy makers, social entrepreneurs and retired beauracrats, thousands of miles away from Bangladesh in one of the world's premium center of excellence, Harvard University, USA.

I never knew life could be so beautiful until…

Syeda Amrin Fatema

Now, when I think about it, the world and the surrounding seems so colourful and amazing.

Public Relations and Crisis Management-1

Obaidullah Al Zakir

A 'crisis' can strike at anytime and cannot always be averted.

Angon turns 19
Bridging the gap between culture and humanistic efforts

Tabassum Mokhduma

Angon, a well known non-political cultural organization of University of Chittagong (CU) celebrated its 19th founding anniversary and paid farewell to their founding President Professor Dr. Md. Aslam Bhuiyan through a scintillating day-long event on June 7, 2008 at the auditorium of Faculty of Social Sciences, CU.

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