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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 78 | July 20 , 2008|


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Time that controls CGPA

Ipshita Fahmin

“When will you understand your need to upgrade your studies? From next month all your associations with 'junks' will be cut down. If your grades don't improve by next semester, you are seriously doomed.”

Kings of the Road

Sameirah Nasrin Ahsan

They growl, they roar, they give off fumes of carbon-mono-oxide. They rule the roads of Dhaka.

School curricula based HIV/AIDS awareness campaign

Rafiqul Islam

It is true that awareness about the deadly consequences of HIV infection has to be developed when a person has just reached adolescence and becoming conscious about the physical changes.

Experiences at Nanyang Technological University

Rezwana Manjur

It just so happens that every time I mention that I am from Singapore and I am a student of English Literature, people automatically assume I am from NUS (National University of Singapore).

Importance of Judo and Karate to a student

Khalilur Rahman

Today our lives are getting too monotonous and mundane. Particularly, urban people are always occupied with their office lives and other activities.

The story of a knowledge seeker

Zannatul Lamea

I was brooding over a pile of books in my library, to find a reference book from within the pile. Unable to find it I sought the help of our library “Mama” , a mama all NSU students know and equally like.

The 6th colloquium at English Dept, NSU

Star Campus Desk

North South University English Department arranged its sixth Colloquium earlier this month on July 1, 2008.

In Memoriam
Late Major Baten

Major Mirza Abdul Baten is no more with us but he is remembered by many people in our country for his outstanding contributions in Military service and in UN mission in Africa.

Beyond our imagination, but within their fate

Maliha Ahmed

I was sitting at Pizza Hut and eating my favorite BBC flavored pizza when my eyes fell on the restaurant's window.

Why study architecture

Mahbubur Rahman

Architecture is the physical manifestation of human history. With the emergence of man from the caves rose the need for shelter for living, work and recreation.

Join Hands for Prosperity

Nazia Fairuz Tuba

On 29th June, the students of Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) got the unique opportunity to meet the diplomats from the Embassy of People's Republic of China in an interactive session.

Disaster risk reduction begins at school


Students of Mirkandapara High School of Sadar upazila in Mymensingh, while attending a drill of mock cyclone at the school ground, enthralled hundreds of people by displaying their skills on disaster management.

Higher Education in the 21st Century:
Strategies for integrating multi-faceted institutional systems in Bangladesh

Abdul Mannan & Farzana Mannan

Three and half decades earlier when Bangladesh emerged as an independent nation it was still a country dependent on agriculture.

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