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     Volume 2 Issue 89 | October 12, 2008|


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Call Centers - New job opportunity for students

Tarek Mollah

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector turnover is reaching Trillion Dollar benchmark. Thanks to the developed countries, where cost management has compelled the Multinational & Corporate Organizations to outsource their back office operations to the 'Developing & Under Developed Countries'.

Call Center Management, capturing 20% of the BPO Market is an ever booming trend and though a late comer, Bangladesh has an enormous potential in having a chunk of the pie. Missing this opportunity would cast a catastrophic disaster in our wage earning mechanism, as we simply cannot solely depend on the 'Apparel Industry and Inward Foreign Remittance' options for our national development and sustainability.

BTRC, the policy maker has done an excellent job indeed in giving shape to 'The Operational Protocol' but it is the entrepreneurs who need to come forward with the 'Intelligence & Good Governance' where three segments of the Call Center Industry requires systematic integration.

(a) Infrastructure (b) International Business Development & (c) Human Resource 'Training & Development'.

Now, let us focus on the Human Resources required for this industry, especially the Call Center Agents.

Interestingly, the front liners in the Call Center Industry would be mostly part-timers who would be either College or Under Graduate Students with an opportunity in making some extra bucks. But besides this, it may also open up the windows in mastering 'International Standard Communication & Marketing Skills' development and also acquainting with 'Basic Global Standard Corporate Management Principles'.

As a Manager 'Training & Program Coordinator' for the first 'International Call Center', I had the opportunity to accumulate some first hand information on the availability and standard respectively of the Human Resources currently available for the Industry. Though it is not encouraging enough as the 'Standard' of education and aptitude are not up to the mark, but nevertheless, with proper guidance and curriculum and sincerity, vast pool of these Human Resources can be provided with excellent 'Training' in their Professional Skill Development to become world class qualified 'Call Center Executives'.

Notably, in Bangladesh the International Call Center Industry would be seeing the workforce mostly from the Middle Class. Their vast presence and looking for opportunities to earn some decent cash at this Employer Based Market can easily create a Substandard Service Management. But if mistaken as a Money Making factor either by the Employers or the Employees and quality is compromised in dealing with International Customers (both Inbound & Outbound); this would tarnish the Market reputation.

Luckily, I foresee Call Center Industry would create an 'Employee Based Market', rather prevailing 'Employer Based Market' scenario.

I would like to highlight that our marketers do not have sufficient exposure to Virtual Marketing & Customer Care Management. In addition, providing service in English and working during late hours requires extreme 'Motivation and Time & Stress Management Skills'.

Frankly, adaptation to such 'Skills & Standards' require quality education and constant 'Training'. Let us emphasise here on the 'Training'. In fact, if such 'Professional Trainings' are arranged it would provide individuals with training on capabilities in working at Call Centers efficiently and this sort of experience shall contribute to our Substandard Workforce becoming qualified enough to compete in the International Corporate Environment.

I have taken the initiative to write this article to introduce the 'Young Readers' to various Call Center Management & Operational Tips, Training Materials & White Papers. Helping and Educating the Young Minds to understand, visualize and explore avenues to build career in the Call Center Industry.

Frankly, I personally believe 'Call Center Industry' can ignite a social-economic revolution in the country. Creating awareness, setting standards and breaking the 'Social Taboo' strengthening Consumer Value, Corporate Practice & Good Governance.

I have strong reasons to dream, this Industry would create a 'New Bangladesh' …

Till then be on the look out for Interesting Information in developing skills and understanding various aspects of Call Center Operations (Technology, Inbound Customer Care Management & Outbound Marketing) in my next articles.

(Tarek Mollah is currently attached to an International Call Center as Manager 'Training & Program Coordinator')

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