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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 89 | October 12, 2008|


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Digital Photography and Online Applications Workshop at IUB

Munaf M Chowdhury

THE students of IUB School of Liberal Arts and Social Science (SLASS) were privileged to an exclusive workshop on Digital Photography and Interactive Media that was held between 16th-25th September at the Campus 4 (C4). The workshop was organized by Mr. Shams Bin Quader, Lecturer, Department of Media and Communication and was assisted by Mr. Rashedul Hasan, the Office Manager of the school. The certificate-giving ceremony was chaired by Dr. Nazrul Islam, Director of SLASS and Head of Media Department, Dr. G. M. Shahidul Alam.

The workshop was aimed at training the different techniques of professional usage of the digital camera and implementing the photographs in the world of interactive media through online applications. It was conducted by ace Photographer, Mr. Geoffrey Hiller who is also a Fulbright Scholar at IUB. The workshop started off with introduction to the basics of digital photography. The voluminous opportunities for a photographer in today's world of media were exquisitely portrayed before the students.

Mr. Hiller took the workshop audience to an interactive extravaganza that demonstrated these sayings acutely. He showed different websites and web applications that are easily accessible and can be manipulated to create photo essays, photo documentaries etc. His own website (www.hillerphotos.com) and his blog (www.vervephotos. wordpress.com) proved to be immensely interactive and inspiring to the audience. Mr. Hiller shared his own views and some of the experiences he has had in different parts of the world.

The students were asked to create a photo essay individually using interactive media applications. Mr. Hiller was highly pleased with the creative outcome of the photo essays. The participants were provided certificates of acknowledgement after the workshop came to the end.

(Photo credit: Salman Saeed)

Student of Media and Communication, Independent University, Bangladesh

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