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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 95 | November 23 , 2008|


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Inter College Holy Cross Science Festival-2008

Sarah Z H

With the preparations starting from as early as 25 October, Holy Cross Girls' School and College drew a close to its festival marking the progression of science education and its inference in real life for the 6 th time in a row. The main event agreeably sponsored by the PRAN-RFL group stretched from 30 October, the inauguration until the prize giving ceremony on 1 November 2008.The ceremony with the promise of innovation and excitement for its participants and visitors was instated by Dr. M Kaykobad, Professor of Computer Science Department, BUET.The opening of the festival was followed by the project placements of the 12 participant colleges namely Notre Dame college, Viqarunnisa Noon college, Adamji Cantonment Public college, BAF Shaheen college, Residential Model college, Government Science college, Shaheed Anwar Girls' college, St.Joshep college, Rifles Public college, City college and Dhaka college along with the host institution. Altogether 80 projects divided into categories like physical, biological, geographical, chemical and IQ related schemes were exhibited both on 31 October and on 1 November from 8.00 to 10.00 in the morning.

Holy Cross school and college have been successfully organizing a science festival every year until now and have always managed to enchant and involve the knowledge wanting young students from different colleges of the city. This year too the students and the teachers of Holy Cross college toiled to arrange the event that proffered the watchword, Embrace Science-In its becoming. To put it in the terms of Mrs.Rina Dash, principle of the college, students are the group of people who must initiate the practice of any given discipline in real life. Holy Cross college has been organizing such events to uphold the importance of science education and its relevance in our day-to-day lives moreover benefit the masses within the nation and around the globe. When asked how this year's arrangement asserts originality her reply was, ``the most amazing thing about this year's festival would be the number of participants which is roughly around 600.We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and the spirit of the students to learn and share their ideas regarding something as serious and out of the ordinary like science.' She also said, she sees a bigger and better future for this country as she finds hope in looking up to these young talents.

Some of the highly potential projects, almost ready to serve different purposes in actuality proved the intensity and the logicality of how these young minds tend to work.Anti-prank caller device by Notre dame college, Globe Electrolysis by Adamji Cantonment Public college, Alcohol production by Residential Model college, Improvement of the sewerage and TRO and Bio diesel by Holy Cross college were only a few of them. The college campus was beautifully festooned with awareness raising posters, advertisements for the Quiz competitions, which took place in two rounds, the preliminary and the final, math and science Olympiad and the fun debate. This year's festival had a new addition to its cheerfulness, which was the show of a popular science fiction movie called 'Day after Tomorrow'. This drew in a larger number of in house spectators as well as guests from other institutions.

There is no alternative to a self-reliant Bangladesh and for that; the knowledge of science must be acquired. Holy Cross believing in this viewpoint encourages students to participate in such events and allow their aptitude to do good the human kind. Thus, the final day of the festival and the prize giving ceremony started out with the pledge of installing science education by organizing more and more events like this. As the powerful familiar tune of our national anthem hovered around in the air, the guests of the afternoon were welcomed one by one by the principal and the science club members on to the stage.Mrs. Rina Dash in her speech welcomed everyone to peruse the knowledge of science. She thanked the sponsors and the participating institutions. Her word of appreciation was also given out for the teachers who worked hard to materialize this huge enterprise. Lastly, she thanked the science club president Naima Haque along with her team for the excellent supervision through out the program.

Many of the students had no idea about the surprise that was waiting for them. Well-known writer and science whiz M Zafar Iqbal had brought out a little amount of his time from his busy schedules to attend the ceremony. As he entered the auditorium hall, the students greeted him with flowers.

When it was his turn to speak, the entire place had prevailing silence as everyone wanted to hear what this great man had to say. He knowing these young students said hello to them in a very casual manner. He admitted that he would rather be amongst young people than chalking out plans with an older group. He believed that young people can recharge the minds of someone who is not so young like him.M Zafar Iqbal talked about the currents situation of science education in the country on the contest of the program. His main concern was job availability after a student has graduated from a science discipline. Our objective should be to ensure employment for the students studying science so that the fear of remaining unemployed does not determine the number of students who might want to learn about science. Computer programming should be encouraged among students. The basic concept of the subject should be made clear. Notable business organizations of the country should come forward in assisting educational institutions to promote the science culture.

The general manager of PRAN-RFL group, the proud sponsors of the event also spoke on the occasion. He thanked Mrs. Rina Dash for inviting him to such a lovely program. He appreciated the efforts of these young students and shared his personal feelings about coming to meet them. He said it was quite some time that he had left behind studentship and felt extremely lucky to be around students again. Later some students from the previous batches were awarded for their achievements. The science club president also thanked the teachers and the participants once again and announced that the results will be read out any moment. Meanwhile students from guest colleges articulated their thoughts about taking part in a science festival. At last, the teachers who helped systematize the event and the display of projects were called on stage to declare the winners.


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