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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 97 | December 7 2008|


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An Architect's Dhaka

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman

Part Fourteen

PLANNED urban development in Bangladesh began in the late fifties with the making of urban development plans for the cities of Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna between 1959-61. Earlier Patrick Geddes prepared a town improvement report in 1917, which the authority did not adopt. Such incidents have happened again and again. For example, the 1959 Master Plan for Dhaka based on unrealistically low population projection was practically redundant after the Independence that changed the scene. Yet it took the authority till 1981 to prepare a set of development programs which was largely shelved except for the part that provided for sites and services plots for the well-offs.

Good Hospital Pharmacy a Must!

A. Y. Sk. Feroz Uddin

In Bangladesh, hospital pharmacy services of both the government and private institutions are of very much drab and bleak for its perfections. Anyone of us can find our hospital pharmacies as of the same arrangement of merely dispensaries to stock and hand over the drug products to the patients on the prescriptions. Currently, it is the main and the only specialty of the professional deliveries of our hospital pharmacies. This is very much shocking to observe and accept by any conscious citizen, politician, health administrators and especially the graduate & post graduate Pharmacists. Graduate and post graduate Pharmacists have been placing their wholeheartedness to participate in the interdisciplinary health care professionals' team in hospitals to develop the standard and usefulness of the hospital pharmacy and to brew the quality and standard of our health care system. It is very much painful to note that no government of the last 37 years of our independence has thought about and taken any lead to upgrade the standard and merit of the pharmacy services for the health keeping interests of the people through the placement of graduate and postgraduate Pharmacists in our hospitals.

Team Bangladesh brings glory from New Delhi

Saad Bin Amjad

YOUNG voices from Bangladesh demonstrated to the world what they can do for the society and for the nation. When Bangladesh is widely condemned in South Asia for their corruption records, two boys defied all those odds and among the eight South Asian countries they grabbed the runners up trophy in a debate competition that was based on the issue “Corruption”.

Performance literature workshop at Eastern University by Brine Pickles

Trisa Gloria Rodrigues

LATENT minds can create great things if they are given the scope to nurture their talents. The thoughts that resides in the mind can come out through writing. The Performance Literature Workshop conducted by Brine Pickles at Eastern University gave the enthusiastic students such an opportunity to explore themselves through creative writing. The Pickles gave some effective tips to improvise the art of writing short stories, plays, poems, lyrics and then to perform them with a touch of brilliance.

Interview of Mark Bickerton of London Metropolitan University

Zannatul Lamea

WITH a vision of providing infinite opportunities for the student community, London Metropolitan University started its journey as a college in 1848. With the course of time and consistent ascent of quality in terms of delivering education, London Metropolitan University now has the honour of being the largest single university in London and the 3rd largest university in UK.

First Dean of Dhaka University, Begum Azizun Nesa Honoured

Star Campus desk

BEGUM AZIZUN NESA, the first woman dean of Dhaka University (DU) contributed immensely in organizing, spreading and managing women education. She was actively involved in organising movement for women emancipation, empowerment, right and equal opportunities in all spheres of national life.

My Favourite Personality

Munzerin Shahid

“CHANGE has come to America,” proclaimed a certain man in his victory speech, before a crowd of hundreds of thousands of supporters. Born on August 4th, 1961, he is the first African American to be elected President of the United States of America.

A Lost Identity

Ramisa Fariha

“MAY I see your I.D card ma'am?" asked the security guard. "Why sure!" answered the young lass and got her access to the V.I.P Lounge.

NSU Masters program on Resource and Environmental Management

NORTH South University (NSU) has signed a collaborative agreement with University of Manitoba (UM), Canada to introduce Masters in Resource and Environmental Management (MREM) program.

Rajshahi College turns 135

A.K.Ratan and M.A.Kaioum

IF you visit Rajshahi, the education city of Bangladesh, you can see a collection of red-brick multi storeyed buildings that almost seems like a royal palace.

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