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     Volume 2 Issue 98 | December 21 2008|


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Our Valiant Freedom Fighters

Md. Mamun Talukder

IN the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 “Sector-11” (Tangail district) had their own share of the action. Our valiant freedom fighters led by Bongobir Quader Siddiqui was in control of that area.

My small village Chambaltola is in Ghatail Upazila under Tangail District. Many operations of Mukti Bahini occurred there. Here I am recounting an incident that happened during one such operation after so many years. In an encounter with the Pakistan Army at Ganzana, valiant freedom fighter Quader Siddiqui sustained finger-injuries by a bullet. In spite of his injury, he successfully completed the operation and went to the nearby village of Chambaltola and took shelter at the Chairman Bari in the area. Because Quader Siddiqui had informed the villagers a day before about the operation, there was no people in the village.

I heard about this incident from my mother, who incidentally remained in the village. There were no people to nurse Quader Siddiqui and there was no first aid for the wound caused by bullet. My mother used a new scarf (orna) of my sister and bandaged the bullet-hit finger. She gave him a glass of cow's milk to drink and requested him to take some rest in her house. During that time, we used to supply food to the freedom fighters of Mukti Bahini. It was a simple gesture for the freedom fighters who laid down their lives for the cause of freedom of the motherland, but it were these small contributions that helped the freedom fighters to emerge victorious.

Our valiant freedom fighters sacrificed to make the nation independent. But during the long period after independence, most of them, especially who came from the rural areas, were not given ample opportunities to start a new life with honor. What Quader Siddiqui and members of this Bahini sacrificed for the creation of Bangladesh against so many odds has gone un-rewarded.

The nation should remember our fallen valiant heroes and at least should do whatever is possible for their welfare. We should respect and love each other irrespective of caste, creed and color. We must say no to corruption and terrorism in any from. Money making in the name of politics and election henceforth must be stopped. We want to see Bangladesh as a modern prosperous democratic country. This is our humble wish. Will the politicians give us that chance?

(Student of MBA, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology)

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