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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 99 | December 28 2008|


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World Commonwealth

Negar Haqiqi

IT is now the 21st century and the world has lost all its glory. The proud lands are now groaning under the rule of cruel despots and corrupt officials, whose every move depends on the amount of bribe they receive. The powerful religious divinities, have injected their followers with fanaticism and prejudice against people of the other creeds. And the ignorant masses are caught in between the greedy government servants and the heartless clergy, leading to a life of poverty and mental deprivation.such is the situation of our worlda world in which lies our dreams and a home for our descendants. Thus, we as the citizens of the world, rather than assuring a “sustainable development” are assuring a “sustainable devastation”!

We know the solution to such misery is solely in our own hands, yet we deny to acknowledge it. It is the human nature to complicate a matter as simple as unity. Firstly, if we consider the united ness of a nation we can identify only the lack of it. A very good example is our own land, Bangladesh. If we think about it, we can perceive the rich resources that we hold as a nation. It's a land blessed with striking nature and a great “production house” of human resources. But none of these resources are being allocated efficiently. And the reason that we all know responsible for it is none other than poor management. The officials being appointed to govern our country and allocate the resources are more interested in allocating the financial resources for their own selves rather than for the citizens of the nation. As Abraham Lincoln had said “a house divided against itself cannot stand”I am sure no further explanation is required to relate the quotation to the subject. Thus, how can we even dream of the unification and peace in between all the nations of the world, when the individual nations are creating disputes within themselves?

But why is unification such a complicated solution? The problems facing the world in our age cannot be solved unless unity is established. But unity is no utopian dream. By following a set of practical principles we can only help to establish world peace and bring about the long- awaited universal brotherhood of mankind.

Independent investigation of the truth is something that we as the citizens of the world lack. one must as a duty seek out the truth for himself/herself and not just follow blindly the dominant ideologies set by the leaders who have followed the age-old traditions without looking into the matter for themselves. Thus if only one would look at the matters with an unbiased mind it would eventually lead to removal of obstacles and prejudice. Then we can remove the blindfold and see the bright future that lies ahead of us, which can be achieved if only we adopt a sociological imagination.

Mankind has passed the stages of forming a tribe, the city-state and the nation. The time has now come for the establishment of world commonwealth. In those earlier stages it was necessary to unite warring tribes into a nation, and thus love for one's country was meritorious and considered as the highest form of loyalty. Today, when extreme nationalism is barring the way to the unity of mankind, Baha'u'llah says: “it is not to boast who loveth his country, but it is who loveth the world”.

In the new world order there can be no weak nations. The governments will each be represented in a world parliament which will be concerned with the world prosperity and happiness of mankind. It will safeguard the freedom of individuals irrespective of their nations, but it will require the governments to give up their right to posses any armaments. Except for the purpose of keeping order within their boundaries, together the world governing body will execute laws and deal with the decisions to satisfy the world citizens. The vast resources of the planet will be shared for the benefit of all the people in the world. The humanity, united and freed from the curse of war, will spend time in raising the standard of living, advancement of education, the development of science, the cultivation of arts and the progress of mankind's spiritual and material life on earth….

Therefore, a world civilization will as a result come into existence, towards which every race and nation will contribute its best. And so, we all shall say

“The world is but one country and the mankind its citizens.”

(Student of English dept. AIUB)

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