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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 110 | March 15, 2009|


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Book Fair by Bangladesh School of Debate (BSD) - CU Chapter

Tabassum Mokhduma

"Juktibodher Unmochoney Sohojog Sommilon”- Inspired by this motto, Bangladesh School of Debate (BSD) - Chittagong University (CU) chapter organized a two-day book fair on February 28 - March 1, 2009 at the Martyr Intellectuals Square of CU. Different publishing houses and outlets took part in the fair. Eminent linguist, researcher and former teacher of the Department of Bangla of CU, Professor Dr. Maniruzzaman inaugurated the event. Presided by Dr. Abdullah Al Faruque, Dr. Ahsan Sayed, and Mr. Shahabuddin Neepu. BSD-CU Chapter President Mostofa-Al-Mamun also spoke on the occasion commemorating the celebration of the month of International Mother Language Day and paid tribute to the martyred heroes of language movement. Payel Barua, a member of BSD-CU Chapter, anchored the session attended by a large number of students, teachers and cross section of people. Advocate M. Saiful Abedin, and Mr. Fuad Hasan were also present on behalf of the directors of BSD.

In his speech, Dr. Maniruzzaman stressed on academic approach for all, especially for the students and teachers to uphold the spirit of language movement that extended a far reaching impact on creating awareness for rights and rationalism among people. As the program was held after the massive atrocities on February 25 and 26 at BDR headquarter and coincided with the national mourning days, the guests and the audience observed a minute of silence and wore black badges in remembrance of the departed souls of that dark day and hoped that the culprits would be nabbed and punished very soon.

One of the main attractions of the fair was the Exhibition Debates staged by some of the best debaters of Chittagong. The first debate was held between Premier University and Chittagong University of Science and Technology (CUET). The topic of this parliamentary format debate was “Ei Phaguney Aagun Achey”. The other parliamentary format debate took place between Drishty, Chittagong and Ain Bitorko Moncho (ABIM), the debate club of Department of Law, CU where the topic was “Khudro Jatiswattar Odhikarer Sweekritir Jonyo Sorbagrey Proyojon Tader Matribhashar Sweekriti Daan”. BSD Directors, Mr. Fuad Hasan and Mr. Saiful Abedin chaired these debates as speaker of the house. The open-ended debate competition on the topic “Matribhasha: Shujok O Odhikar” was another main attraction of the two-day book fair in which Jinia Aktar Supta, a student of the Department of Anthropology, was adjudged the winner.

The fair, which saw a large number of enthusiast book lovers turning up to rush after the newly published books, was sponsored by Magpie Mini Chinese while Star Campus, the weekly supplement of The Daily Star was the media partner.

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