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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 110 | March 15, 2009|


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First Painting Exhibition in DMC

Al Montasir Bollah

DHAKA Medical College watched its first ever 'Solo Painting Exhibition' named 'Chitra-kalpa' by Azmeri Binte Anonnya, student of batch k-64 of Dhaka Medical College. It was a 2-day exhibition from 22-23 February 2009 which was organized by students of 3rd year (batch k-64) who came forward to stand side by side with Anonnya to become the part of this great history. The venue of the Exhibition was the recently decorated Boys Common Room of Dhaka Medical College. The Exhibition, themed on 'Artificial Picture with Living Glamour', was patronized by Abul Kalam Asad Rajib, Moderator of Campus Development Committee. Principal of Dhaka Medical College Professor Quzi Deen Mohammad who was the chief guest inaugurated the program at 9AM on 22nd February.

This was the first Exhibition for Anonnya since she started painting at the age of 8 inspired by her parents who are not only her guide but also good friends. She is now looking forward to her future plan to paint better picture and take institutional training on Oil Painting.

There were 31 paintings in the exhibition drawn by water colour, poster colour, quizz paper and brush paint. 19 paintings out of 31 were bought by the teachers and the faculty members. 'Do not give up painting and try to draw more and more' was written on the comment book by Assistant Professor Dr. Maksuda (Department of Community Medicine). Professors and Lecturers of all other Departments also visited the Exhibition.

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