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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 110 | March 15, 2009|


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Biotechnology Conference at India

Md. Aynal Haque Rana

RECENTLY, a team of Biotechnology students and teachers from the University of Development Alternative (UODA) went to participate in the '1st International Society of Biotechnology Conference' at Sikkim, India. About 12 members from the Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Molecular Medicine and Bioinformatics and Pharmacy participated in the conference and 23 abstracts of original research were published in the Research journal of Biotechnology during the conference. All the members of the team presented their papers in the conference under the poster presentation section.

Sikkim, the most beautiful state of India, has beautiful mountains, ice lakes and many flowing rivers. The Sikkim Manipal University organized this Biotechnology conference with the collaboration of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Members from our team presented 21 posters in the poster presentation section. There were twelve sessions presenting topics that included Bio Makers and Biosensors, Bio-Engineering, Agriculture Biotechnology, Bio Accumulation and Bio Transformation, Bio Remediation, Bio Technology Policy Issue and others.

Among 23 papers only one paper was presented in Agriculture biotechnology session which was presented by Shirin Akhter and the paper was on 'High frequency multiplication and in vitro flowering of Scoparia Dulcis L'. Another paper was presented in Biotechnology and Biodiversity conservation session which was on 'Evaluation of a commercially available probiotic on height, flowering and fruiting of Capsicum and Okra' and rest of the papers were presented in the session of Bio-remediation and Bio Transformation and all of these papers were about ‘Ethnobotanical survey of Medicinal plants in different parts of Bangladesh’ presented by Pranajit Sarkar, Md. Ariful Haque, Md. Maruf Hasan Tanim, Mehadi Hasan and many others. Our Pro-VC & Dean Professor Mohammed Rahmatullah was the chairman of Bio Remediation session and one of our teammate Ms. Bipasha Agarwala was nominated as the Assistant Chairman of that session. Many researchers from Spain, China, Japan, Cuba, Nepal, Canada, Thailand, India, Portugal, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong participated. So it was a great hub of many Biotechnologists from different parts of the world. We shared our thoughts, planning and experiences with each other. India is recognized as the topmost Biotech education provider in the world. They do different sorts of research with the collaboration of other countries.

The conference successfully ended on 30th December. We returned to Bangladesh after a week. We got lots of experience from the conference.

Student of Molecular medicine and Bioinformatics, UODA

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